Sunday Blessings


It has been a lot of hit and miss around the blog lately because work has been extremely intense. This has been the first weekend that I have not had to work in the last couple of months. Logging 70 and 80 hours a week has become the “norm” so it is good that I finally get a weekend.

During the last couple of months, some home maintenance kind of things have had to be pushed off. Usually, it’s a new entry into the ever growing “honey-do” list that is kept around. One of those is to rearrange the storage closet.

The storage closet is a place where we keep boxes of things we “might” use. I’m one of those people who doesn’t really like a lot of junk, although if you looked at my desk you’d probably think very differently.  I’m sure my children are rolling their eyes.

Inside, the closet has a number of boxes that stack almost all the way to the ceiling. The bottom boxes had finally “collapsed” a bit causing the items above to “lean”.  Part of the reason it didn’t completely fall over is the way it’s organized. I just need to get to the bottom boxes and perhaps repack them.

And therein lies the problem. When I unpack and repack, I immediately go into, “Why do we keep these things?” mode and start purging. My pack-rat parents are probably whispering from afar, “But son, what if one day you need that one thing?”  (facepalm)

At the same time, I can’t just unpack and repack the bottom boxes. All will have to be opened, scrutinized, sorted and reorganized. You can see where this is going.

Yesterday, the storage closet moved to the top of the list. Afterwards, I ended up with four less boxes having discarded or donated items to the local Goodwill.

What remains are things that have a better chance of being used than not at all, and stacked much more securely and more accessible.  I even found a few pictures I had been looking for and didn’t realize they were in the closet.  Now they are in the memories box.

The bottom boxes I shored up during the repacking so that the sides had some support.  I didn’t buy new boxes because they were mostly in good shape.  A little love and attention and they’re good as new.

Because there is now more open space, I’m sure others will take advantage it..


At any rate, this exercise reminded me that during the time I was busy, a lot of things had to be put on hold. This includes family and friends, which means lots of family time and a chance to catch up with everyone.  And while my family is very understanding of my career, they also need my time, which I’m more than happy to give, including practicing my new “Dad” jokes.

It’s a new week coming up. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed week.

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