Twitter Court: The “But Schmalfeldt” Defense turned on it’s head.


Bill Schmalfeldt is winding up his gizzard about an article that appears back in August of 2016 on Billy Sez.   The article is a commentary on the tactics Schmalfeldt has used when it comes to family members in his well documented harassment.

Schmalfeldt’s contention that a link to a photograph in Imgur amounts to an unprovoked attack on him.  The image itself is shown in this tweet:

Schmalfeldt believes that this image was produced by her. It contains an older photograph of him doing a very poor elbow drop on the bed.  It was modified to include a cutout picture of his wife, which came from a photograph he actually took of his dying wife.

No really.  She was in the final hours of her life and he takes a picture of her.  He then sends this picture to about 20 people, including John Hoge, Scott Hinkley – a man he was harassing at the time – and law enforcement with an admonition that the picture should not be seen anywhere or he will know where it came from.

Put aside for the moment that a man would take a picture of his dying wife and use that picture as leverage in his little war: What would possess such a man to do those things? Doesn’t his wife deserve the dignity of her last days and not be used in this way?

But this is Bill Schmalfeldt we’re talking about.  If you read the article on Billy Sez, it starts off with quote from Schmalfeldt stating that FAMILY should be OFF LIMITS.  Of course, this was a total lie because he’s been taking photographs of family members he harasses and photoshops them in very creepy or outrageous ways.

Here, Bill takes the picture of Eric Johnson’s daughter, and photoshops it on the head of a dancer from a picture taken with him.  He adds in the creepy words because he knows it will cause outrage.

The Dread Pirate Zombie goes on to show exactly what Bill was doing, documenting just the latest episode of things he admonishes others not to do.  What was the reason he started doing it?  Was it the “But <insert adversary name here>” defense? Sure does seem like it.

I’m not going to get into the issue of whether Schmalfeldt has a legal case here other than to say he doesn’t.  Instead, this is just another of a long list of tactics Schmalfeldt uses in an attempt to bend his enemies using outrage as a vehicle.

We are in the part of the cycle where he is attempting to build outrage in hopes of diverting attention away from what John Hoge may have posted, in this case, the latest Show Cause Hearing that will take place before the trial.

He desperately wants people to focus on his failure of a lawsuit.  He doesn’t realize that is not the pressing issue before him.  His belief that his defense is simple seems to be extremely amateurish for a man who claims to have clarity of law as a defendant.

Go ahead, point and laugh.  This is just another of his false flag that will do little to save him in his next court hearing, assuming he chooses to attend.


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