Sunday Blessings


This week, I’m again thankful for my family, friends, and those who stand beside me in the face of evil.  I am also thankful to meet new people and to share my blessings with them.

On Thursday, a woman came to me in desperate need.  I was at the Quik Trip getting gas and she approached me, humbled and humiliated, to ask me for a couple of bucks.  It was 116 degrees, and the car she was riding in had no A/C.   Her father was driving the car and was handicapped.  A couple of kids were in the back seat.   The windows were all rolled down and it looked like they had been riding for a while.

She just wanted to buy some cool drinks for her family and she wasn’t going to be paid until Saturday.   They ran some errands, but after paying her bills, she was out of money.

I am always approached by people at QT asking for money, especially in the summer.  I usually keep a couple bucks in my front pocket.  They always ask if I have change, so I just hand them a buck.

It’s not like giving a buck or two away every week or so will kill me.  Besides, I’ll probably just spend it on stuff that will rot my teeth and my mind.

Anyway,  after listening to her, I pulled out my wallet.  It had been a while since I was at the ATM, but I figured I had a five in there.  I had a ten.  As I gave it to her, she pushed back saying, “I don’t need that much.”

“I don’t need this, and you can have it.  Get your kids some snacks and enjoy the rest of your day”, I said as I smiled to her.

“There really is a God.” she said, now tears streaming down her face.   I hugged her and wished her well.

Then she did something I didn’t expect.  She bowed her head and prayed for me.   She was thanking God that I was there.

After she was finished, I had a very warm and content feeling come over me.    It felt as though an angel had come down, held me in it’s arms to let me know that I had done well.  I don’t ever recall that happening to me before.

I’m sure people have prayed for me before. I just don’t consider myself worthy of His grace, despite my efforts to do well towards others.  There are many others far more deserving than I.  Not that I am a bad person, but when it’s my time to answer questions,  I’m sure there will be a lot of them.

I finished filling my tank and saw her come out with some drinks and a couple of pizza slices.  The kids were excited and she turned to me and mouthed, “Thank you!” again. At least they had one less worry that day.

To all my readers, family, friends – may you have many blessings in the coming week, and the strength to face your adversities.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings

  1. Well done, young man.

    It’s not those who memorize the Bible, chapter and verse… and barrage people with judgement and condescension. It’s not those who make a production of dropping a huge wad of cash in the offering plate/pushka… or attend service “religiously” every Sabbath.

    It’s people like you doing a small deed that turns into something meaningful and important for someone else.

    THAT is what shows our Creator’s light to others and truly makes this world a better place.

    G-d made me a warrior. A fighter for the weak and oppressed. He made me salty, and sweary, and rough around the edges… and capable of standing up to bullies.

    I find He puts me EXACTLY where I need to be to be that blessing to others…

    … and to be the bulwark against those who would prey on others.

    And I am blessed to call all of Team Free Speech brothers and sisters.

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