I’ve been accused of what?

desperation-101Oh no!  I’m being accused of a conspiracy of the worst kind!




I have been accused by Bill Schmalfeldt of being in association with people of honor and integrity!

Oh no!  Whatever shall I do?

I guess, be proud?

For the record:

My blog was never about Bill Schmalfeldt, until recently.

I don’t anticipate it will be this way for the long term.

John Hoge, Eric Johnson, Sarah Palmer, Patrick Grady and Paul Krendler have no input or control on what I do.

No one has asked or directed me to write about Bill Schmalfeldt.

No one has asked me to join some kind of team to direct my efforts in writing about Bill Schmalfeldt.

All of this nonsense I create is of my own volition because Bill Schmalfeldt decided he wanted to shine the light on me.

Hope you’re happy, Bill.



14 thoughts on “I’ve been accused of what?

    • And it is by his own doing.

      He doesn’t get to seek refuge in pity. He made his choices and he needs to own up to them.

      If he were to announce tomorrow that he was dropping his suit against defendants, state for the record he will never sue another soul without legal representation, agree to leave others alone, and only use his blog for the betterment of society or mankind, he would still have a lot of trouble getting people to believe he is sincere because of all the damage he caused.

      He’d be better off dropping off the internet forever because the internet is bad for him since he made it that way.

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      • Once Mr. Hoge (and others) are done with him in the court system it will be moot, because either he wo t have to lie about being a pauper and won’t be able to afford it, or the prison he is in will block his ability to have internet for him.

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  1. Yo, Dumbfuckina!

    I’ve noticed you emailing all sorts of people at all hours under a plethora of email names.

    Just wanted to warn you that my email account gets a lot of spam and I don’t check it very often so remember to give any messages you send me a prominent title and be patient. If I don’t respond right away try sending again.

    I gave you my address several years ago and challenged you to use it but never heard from you. According to you it couldn’t be because you chickened out so it must be that you message got lost in the rush.

    Just letting you know Little Guy.

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    • It’s funny. He’s avoided me since I responded to his challenge with one of my own. At first, it seemed like he found wounded prey. Instead, he came face to face with this:

      There are a lot more of us out there than he realizes. And I’m certain him harassing Ash is a very unwise strategy. Sometimes, you have to learn the hard way.

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  2. Bill is his own worst enemy….I was blissfully ignorant of him and all the LULZ suits until he thought I was “Grace” emailed despite me telling him NEVER to contact me again and then he wrote a hate email to my local law enforcement lied and claimed I was “spilling the beans” further he lied when he said he was talking to my sister!

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  3. “A conspiracy of the worst kind?”

    I dunno… you seem to be in far better company, have much better associations, and/or hang with an infinitely superior crowd than what Bill can claim for himself.

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  4. EVERY BLOG with ANYTHING bad to say about me is connected one way or another to @wjjhoge, @palatinepundit, @sheeplerage and @mayberryville.

    And I suppose Daily Kos, XMFan and the Examiner.com are all connected as well?

    Face reality, Stolen valor Parkinson’s faking child pronographer Bill Schmalfeldt is a fat, bourbon-swilling grifter, a victim-slut, a TODDLERSTALKER! and a bald faced pussy LIAR!

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