Let me get this straight.. You’re offended by a flag?

American-FlagUniversity of California Irvine (ASUCI) students recently voted to approve legislation, designated R50-70, in their legislative council to ban all flags from campus so as to promote a culture of inclusiveness for all students.

In the text of the legislation itself, the only flag ever mentioned is the American Flag.  Old Glory.  The Stars and Stripes. You know, the one where soldiers at Iwo Jima, fighting Imperial Japanese soldiers for inches of ground hoisted the colors on top of the mountain to signify the tide had turned.  The same flag sent to the Moon and back.  The same flag that was raised in Yorktown when General Cornwallis of the British Army was finally defeated and a new nation was born.

The resolution was written with disparate conclusions about what the flags represented. It then singled out the US flag.  Students might look at a flag and may or may not have positive feelings; something those students believe cause barriers to a positive learning environment.  In other words, when students are on campus, the last thing they need are to look at an American flag and have it affect them in a negative way that might harm their studying. Last thing they want is for students to get distracted by a flag that might offend them, maybe perhaps cause them to get PTSD or something.

The ideals of nationalism, patriotism and freedom also go alongside imperialism, colonialism, and war.  It is these latter concepts where barriers are created to an inclusive space, as pointed out in the clause, “designing a culturally inclusive space aims to remove barriers that create undue effort and separation by planning and designing spaces that enable everyone to participate equally and confidently

And so it goes without saying, that after the school administration had discovered this absolutely ridiculous atrocity, it was quickly overturned.  While admirable that the students themselves want to have an environment that is free from hostile images as reminders of “perceived past and present injustices,” the student’s motives through this legislation are offending the vast majority of patriotic Americans who recognize this indisputable fact: You are in the United States and you are here because you want to be.  We like our flag and it is very important to us.  Get over yourselves.

So it was no surprise that a letter, signed by some 1,200 Californians, was published in support of the students of the legislation, including some 60 professors who happen to teach at ASUCI.

“We write to support the six members who offered the resolution to remove national flags from the ASUCI lobby,” the letter reads. “The university ought to respect their political position and meet its obligation to protect and promote their safety. The resolution recognized that nationalism, including U.S. nationalism, often contributes to racism and xenophobia[.]”

It is ironic that these same professors work at an American university, happily cashing the racially tinged and xenophobic money they receive each pay period from the oppressive state government of California in imperialistic US currency.  Is it any wonder that these people use the inherited freedoms that contributed to the very evils they claim has tarnished our country, and support radicals who seem to forget an important point about reality?

You see, in the big world, you don’t get the right to not be offended, even in this country. In fact, the real world has many symbols and evils out there that are far worse than a flag.  The American Flag itself, a symbol of pride and love in this country, represents a nation that has evolved in its thinking to become a better society, rejecting inhumane policies and actions in an effort to ensure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL its citizens as well as a force for good in the world..

We ended slavery at a time when slavery was the accepted norm in the world.  We went to war and fought evil men and empires, sacrificing many of our own citizens to bring peace to the world.  We have sent billions in aid to countries where people have little or no food, water, or other amenities enjoyed by ASUCI students.  And while our government has not always been perfect,it still represents one of the greatest expansions of science, peace and prosperity the world has ever seen.

Many people educated in this country willingly go into war zones and places of extreme poverty to help the sick and needy.  They face many hardships, many of them created by the host country’s government, and still, they willingly place their lives on the line.  Soldiers are sent to places they’d rather not go, but dutifully carry out their missions, often dealing with enemies who follow radical extremism bent on destroying western civilization.  That same western civilization that students use to become educated while they sit wondering how offended they can be, of a flag that represents the achievements of American principles, hanging in a student union.

Oh For FFS...Yet, in this country, students and professors (who get great pay and benefits), who have access to clean water, decent living spaces, full supermarkets, iPhones, cars, and unlimited opportunities worry that the American flag, the symbol that represents the sacrifices as well as the advances of free society, are worried about what ideals may prevent students from having an “equally inclusive and respectful learning environment.”

There are people in Africa that just dream to go to school.   There are women in Afghanistan who teach or want to go to school and learn despite the constant threats of Islamic extremists that want to kill them just for being in a school.  There are young children, men and women forced to work in harsh conditions in Asia, many of them unable to get an education because they toil for their families, sometimes making the very products students use in their education today.

And you say going to school with an American flag hanging in a common area will cause a hostile learning environment? I wish my grandmother was alive to see this.  I can imagine her response.

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