Speaking of Looney..

Someone is a little obsessed.

Our old friend Bill Schmalfeldt has been busy obsessing over Ali Alexander. Ali’s latest adventures has seen him in the middle of rallies and speeches of prominent individuals claiming election fraud. Schmalfeldt went dark for a while, but is now back. A search through his feed shows Ali lives in his head, and on his Twitter feed images:

As you can see in the media previews, a cowboy-hat-festooned Bill is surrounded by images of Ali mugshots. He’s tweeting everyone about Ali’s past criminal life. Leave it to old Bill to try and get the last laugh, despite Ali besting Bill with such ease that it as than comical to watch.

In other words, more PLM at Bill after inevitable research someone might do to discover the dark history of how Schmalfeldt associated himself with Brett Kimberlin, a felon found guilty of bombing a community and killing a veteran. Schmalfeldt not only defended this dastardly individual, but had to endure watching Ali defeat Kimberlin in the legal system. Schmalfeldt’s own inability to best Ali is demonstrated in his obsession to tell the world of Ali’s sordid past.

Of course, Bill continues to wear a liberal amount of cloth covered in skull and crossbones, as if the 1950’s is calling asking for it’s terrible fashion statement back and he is resisting with all the will he can muster. Good on Bill! He keeps the spirit (of dumbassery) alive!

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