Looney Left

Classic Cartoon characters under attack aren’t the looney ones.

As I understand it, some Blowhard has suggested that Pepe Le’ Pew promotes.. squints.. “a culture of rape” due to his constant chasing of a female black cat who Pepe thinks is a female skunk.

Charles M. Blow is a fanatical race hustler who spends his time accusing anyone who disagrees with him as a supporter of white supremacy, the favorite go-to line for those who don’t want pushback on the idea their perceptions may be more mired in staying relevant – and compensated – in the left’s elitist cauldron of wickedness.

But to go further, he highlights the struggle many on the left have in pushing white supremacy as the greatest threat to this country: It’s hard to take them seriously when they don’t have rational arguments or hard evidence to support their outrageous claims. Hard to contrast the images of BLM (a subsidiary of Antifa) setting fires and causing billions of dollars in property damage compared to the worlds worst insurrection at the Capitol, or the armed folks who stormed statehouses and picked up their trash before they left.

Joy Reid, the bigoted MSNBC talent who once wrote homophobic articles – only to later claim she was hacked, and vowed an OJ’esque hunt to find the perpetrators – says that the GOP wants nothing more than to return to the old days where white folks in the party can use the ‘n-word’ freely. The amount of lunacy in her statement is only surmounted by her complete lack of history: It was the GOP who fought to end slavery and paid in blood. It was the Republican Party who supported – and still supports – civil rights of true equality, not that racist identity political crap Reid and Blow push on their audiences.

I spent the month of February listening to a number of corporate types talking to their employees about the struggles of Black Americans over history and how terrible white supremacy has kept them from achieving true democracy. It used to be that Black History month celebrated the many contributions black Americans contributed to the country. Now it’s focused on slavery, police brutality, and forced economic ruin despite the fact that there are quite a few black Americans who are millionaires and a billionaire or two.

The reason they think this way has nothing to do with the truth. The reality is that people like Blow, Reid, Pressley, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and their ilk are nothing more than race hustling grifters who benefit financially by pushing those ideas as to why Black Americans cannot succeed. All one has to do is compare numbers.

Under Trump, Black American’s achieved historic low unemployment. When Black businesses weren’t being destroyed by BLM and Antifa activists, they were growing a significant base of small business owners achieving economic power.

Since the Pandemic and its slow recovery, the only group that has not shown a decline in unemployment are Black Americans. Unemployment continues to grow because Black American populations are centered in .. leftist cities that are locked down from unscientific elected officials – the same leftist cities who are represented by Pressley, Cortez, Omar and also lives Reid and that Blowhard. The number of black small businesses that have been shuttered permanently is equally outrageous, but that didn’t have to happen had Democrats purposely chose to not provide relief and instead focus spending on social justice initiatives that do nothing to help the black unemployment rate and hemorrhaging black owned businesses.

White Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the liberal betters have no plan to help. Biden ran on the false Charlottesville narrative. His economic plan is all about social justice; the idea that you can build an economy that is centered on equity and equality, two ideas that have literally nothing to do with economics. And why not? Racism in math and science has been recently discovered and it won’t be much longer before school children – assuming they will be allowed back into school – will be taught race, gender, and knowledge neutral concepts that will obvious create a prosperous world.

But, it was never about helping black folks. It was only to get the orange man out of office, and for them to continue to consolidate their power. And as more people recognize the scam, the more looney these grifters become.

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