So about those Fun Facts last week…

Normally, I do the next week’s Rule 5 and Fun Facts posts the prior Sunday. Last week was the perfect storm for that not to happen. Over Christmas, I took a much needed vacation and spent some time reorganizing my computer system.

I ended up staging the Rule 5 posts all the way to Jan 17th, but did not do the same with Fun Facts because those are a bit more intensive. Usually, it takes an hour or two find some that are interesting for the upcoming week. I ended up working the weekend (Jan 9/10th) in preparation for some customer workshops with a new client and totally spaced it.

Usually, when I miss them on the weekends, I will try to do each day’s early in the morning, but this past week, I wasn’t able to maintain that cadence due another client needing some more work and so my days ended up being long.

This week, things return to normal. Appreciate all the visits from everyone! Hope this year will be better despite Biden being President.

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