Weird thing to say.

According to Rep Cohen, the National Guard is filled with white male enlistees who voted for Trump. He also implies that those same guardsmen are more loyal to Trump than Biden and states, without evidence, that Biden is endanger from these troops.

Indeed, the AP is reporting that military leaders have been made aware that some members may be part of a coordinated effort to disrupt the inauguration. The article says that commanders on the ground have seen nothing to show that is true, but the media are ever so dutifully filling up the internet with.. *squints*.. conspiracy theories.

But the comment that raised eyebrows was the statement that only 20% of white males voted for Biden. If that were true, how did Biden get 81 million votes? He could have been suggesting that in the military, only 20% of white guardsmen voted for Biden, but what is interesting is his framing: Reading on Twitter, Cohen learned(?) Anwar Sadat was murdered by members of his own military, and that was enough for Cohen to suggest that white national guard members who didn’t vote for Biden are a threat.

To summarize: The worst insurgency ever on the Capitol of the United States triggers leftists TDS up a notch to believe that an event from decades ago somehow ties to motives of military members who are conjectured to have not voted for Biden, and they now represent a threat to Democracy.

Another reason why the Trump Derangement Syndrome should be classified as a mental issue.

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