Year in Review

What a year it’s been.

This past year, the Wuhan Chinese Virus – aka Covid-19 – was unleashed into the world, and in this country, heavily politicized by the media and the left. We saw Trump impeached and subsequently acquitted; the press make itself look worse during coverage of the pandemic; George Floyd’s die at the hands of police only to see political protest get virus exemptions; calls for defunding the police while Antifa and BLM violence increased; and a press that decided not to cover White House briefings live because they didn’t like being told they were hacks (Narrator: The press are hacks.)

During the run up to the General Election, we saw Trump campaign to massive crowds, while Biden barely got three digits worth of supporters. Even through Republicans did not lose a single seat, Democrats lost double digit members despite early projections from FoxNews that Nancy Pelosi would expand her majority by 10-15 seats (it was announced early in the evening on election night.)

Surprisingly, Joe Biden won, but it took a few days to count votes in, coincidentally, swing states that Trump had won. Despite obvious statistical anomalies that cannot be explained, including vote surges for Biden during the early morning of November 4th, courts and legislatures refused to do anything about it. Even more puzzling was how Senate races in Georgia where David Purdue was poised to avoid a runoff, saw his lead mysteriously drop below the 50% threshold. John James race in Michigan saw his lead vanish in the same way. Plenty of shenanigans to look at, but courts are refusing all challenges. Not unexpected, but it’s clear the elites in this country want Biden to take over even if there are valid questions that must be answered. Listen to the people? Now you know they don’t.

The only recent good news was, unsurprisingly, the development of Covid-19 vaccines in record time despite the “experts” telling us it would never happen. Tens of millions of doses have been shipped and more are on the way. Millions of people have received the vaccine and its expected the rate of vaccinations will rise. Despite Kamala Harris’ warning that she would not take a Trump vaccine, she did. Not for TDS though – she is way beyond help.

Here at the Sonoran Conservative, I have been rather busy away from the site, but have kept up with events. The work I do has more than doubled since the Pandemic began and I’m certainly grateful. I know others aren’t so fortunate. A couple of my friends have gone out of business while another is struggling. A few others are on edge as health issues have become more serious due to delays either from available appointments for treatment, loss of insurance, and/or loss of income.

I’m not minimizing the virus – if anything, we have been so overexposed to the death count that some of my liberal friends have self-deputized to become the shame police. While their intentions are good, they seem to think that not following Dr. Fauci’s guidance is some kind of sin that must be atoned. While I’ve only lost one good friend from this, the rest are still in manageable phases of TDS and are somewhat entertaining.

With that said, here are the top 5 stories based on reader views over the past year:

5 – Modern Problems require Modern Solu.. eh.. wait.

Gavin Newsome is no stranger to the halls of dumbassery. Before forcing citizens into their homes for most of 2020, he proffered from his anal cavity that people who struggle from mental issues could receive a prescription from doctors for.. a place to live. Those in the party of science seem to avoid it when it contradicts the narrative.

4 – He got another nevermind.

The adventures of Bill “Stage Eleventy!!1!1! Parkinson’s Disease” Schmalfeldt continued where he had supposedly landed another job, this time in Georgia. Alas, it was not meant to be. His application (and subsequent application fee) disappeared along with the job he supposedly landed. Back to Illinois.

3 – The Iowa Caucus results are still pending

The post is titled “Loony Tunes” and showcases the troubles Democrats were facing early on in their debates as well as their attempt to change how to pick a winner in Iowa. To make matters worse, the optics were looking terrible for a couple of the candidates. Contrast that with Trump delivering an incredible State of the Union despite being in the middle of an impeachment. And yet, somehow, Joe Biden was elected President.

2 – Bill Schmalfeldt is retiring – again.

After spending several months at a radio station in Macombe, Il, Schmalfeldt’s Parkinson’s Disease flared up (Narrator: It seems to flair when he’s pissed off management). This post recaps the highlights of Schmalfeldt’s claim of having Parkinson’s Disease.

1 – Protest the police until you need them.

Protesters were upset that a local businessman wanted them to be offended somewhere else. When they wouldn’t budge, he pulled a chainsaw which triggered a triggering. The second video was of white protestors attacking a black officer. These people have no idea how stupid they can get.

My thanks to each of you for stopping by! May your New Year be prosperous, joyful, and full of love.

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