Loony Tunes


Democrat debate highlights a week of lunacy in their failing party.

I spent some time trying not to laugh so much watching the latest Democrat debate.  This week has been terrible them.  The candidates who have no idea just how much they are helping Trump get re-elected.

The week started in the Hawkeye state. Iowa was, and continues to be, a disaster.  Not the entire state, just those who vote Democrat and their party leaders.  Quite embarrassing that the first primary of the election year did not produce a winner because of poor execution.

Results came in the next day, but it was not viewed positively as one might expect.

Also on Monday, a new Gallup poll showed that Trump’s poll numbers had reached its highest level ever for that organization: 49%.  Other surveys showed that 90% of Americans are happy and content.  Another blow for Democrats who had widely hoped that the public was finally on their side of impeachment.

On Tuesday, Trump delivered an incredible State of the Union and got the democrats to put their pettiness on full display.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi started the proceedings by not giving the customary introduction of the President.  When the President handed over a copy of his speech, she tried to shake his hand only to be rebuffed.  Instead of letting that go, she took out the speech, did a quick tear test, and then finished ripping it up after the speech ended in full view of cameras.  She even paraded the torn sheets on the House floor.  As she was leaving the chamber, she remarked that is was the dignified thing to do.

While the media has focused on this, voters had a different reaction to the speech:

And at least one focus group had a couple of undecided voters move towards Trump:


On Wednesday, Trump was acquitted in the Senate, as was widely expected. Democrats are whining that the Senate did not conduct a real trial and so it’s not an acquittal.  Except, under the Constitution, it is a valid, legal rendering on the Articles of Impeachment Forever.  The Jerry Nadler “three minute conviction” declaration became a dud.  He and Schiff promised the moon but couldn’t deliver.

Once the trial concluded, senators masquerading as presidential candidates raced back to the campaign trail.  Senator Warren, who is known for incessantly lying, was caught stepping off a private jet earlier in the week and tried to become invisible.

On Thursday, the President conducted his celebration of the successful acquittal, killed another terrorist, and had five more judges confirmed in the Senate.

Elizabeth Warren was dealing with yet another PR disaster as staff members in her western offices resigned because of a toxic work environment. She pivoted to the #MeToo talking points before she went on a rant about how terrible the country is for having so many racist, bigoted people she ended up hiring.

The Iowa Caucuses were becoming so bad that DNC leaders were calling for a recount.

Of course, nothing is complete without a Nancy Pelosi meltdown:

And yet, Jerry Nadler announced more investigations of the President, including subpoenas of Bolton and other presidential advisors.  It’s as if they didn’t see the Gallup poll earlier in the week.

On Friday, the January employment numbers came out and showed the economy continues to be strong.  The stock market was up for the week.

Trump was in North Carolina launching his new Opportunity Now program to help urban communities and got a few endorsements.

But if you watched the debate, the Democrats would tell you that this country is in bad shape.

To prove it, Democrats claim the system is racist and rigged against people of color – even though those groups are experiencing  impressive economic and wealth gains than ever before.  All the white people spent time trying to impress each other with their black friend bona-fides.

Mayor Pete took it on the chin.

Interestingly, Warren suggested that Democrats only care about black people during elections:

Incredibly, the debate avoided mentioning anything about the economy.  As for the rest, they didn’t impress.. well, anyone.

When you are losing Jon Karl, it’s very bad.

Of course James Carville is not impressed with any of them.

As if the clown show needed any more clowns, this is the new face of the Democrat party.  Listen to her explain how metaphors work.

From the mouth of babes.. so to speak.. is that people cannot do for themselves what the government can for you because.. of.. *squints*.. impossible bootstraps.  And yet, she loves to tell the story of how she was elected to Congress.

Let’s face it, it was a terrible week for Democrats.

This is all Loony Tunes right before our very eyes, because of Trump. And he continues to win.

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