Chuck Schumer is a piece of work.

The NY Times has rarely given the President a glimmer of positive news and he’s said as much.  So knowing this, why would Schumer even make this suggestion?

It’s not like Cryin’ Chuck has a history of being an objective, or even a principled politician.  The man has spent Trump’s term flipping positions faster than a machine flipping candy bars on an assembly line.  The source of his rapid about faces is due to complications from Trump Derangement Syndrome.  I don’t think a day has gone by in an open session of the Senate where he hasn’t offered some kind of criticism or complaint in one of his miserably-long-winded-droning speeches.

And yet, what IS missing from the NY Times is what Chuck Schumer is doing as the Democrat leader in the US Senate to help Americans (or anyone for that matter) during this pandemic:  Nothing.  His energy is all about politics and it’s sad that in our time of need, Senator Schumer has nothing to offer in the federal response.

Now he did attempt to offer a recent proposal to pay hospital workers $25,000 for hazard pay.  Obviously, this does nothing to help the response, but it is meant for optics.  He wants to show he and the Democrats care for the nations first responders.

Doctors, nurses, and others responsible for our safety and health would rather see our politicians do the right thing and position the government so that it can respond to a future national health emergency.  If anything, this pandemic has shown we are woefully inadequate in our national infrastructure.

Does anyone think Schumer will take a hard look into how he and his colleagues in both chambers legislated this debacle?  Will he be there to help rebuild the infrastructure so that future administrations will have the tools, money, and other resources to combat a global threat?

Of course not.  Make no mistake – leadership is in short supply among Democrats. What they want is for Trump to fail at all levels, both economically and in the number of deaths so that in November he will be removed from office.  This is their goal and voters are nothing more than fodder.  Sadly, so many voters on the left have been brainwashed to hate Trump that they will ignore Schumer’s posturing and lack of grapefruits.

So while there is plenty of blame to go around for both parties and leaders, the results will ultimately be reflected in the number of deaths and whether the economy returns to its pre-pandemic state. If the economy returns and the number of deaths fall far below the 100,000 to 250,000 range as pundits have grimly told us, the President has a reason to take credit.  He’s made some rather bold predictions, some of which have come true.

If Trump makes good on his promises of a return to normal and a post pandemic booming economy, he’ll have something to hold up in front of voters in November.

Chuck Schumer?  Not so much.  And we’ll have to endure at least two more years of Schumer’s whining.

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