PD Fake News

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Stupid is as stupid does.

Ol’ Bill is tweeting.

Below is a tweet with an overexposed picture that one might considered altered and therefore, fake news.

Here’s another fake news tweet.

This one is altered to make you believe he doesn’t have Stage IV Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease. In fact, since moving to Macomb, Illinois, he has shown very little of the debilitating disease that had him confined to a wheelchair over two years ago.  He works at the local radio station and has a drivers license to drive, things he gave up back in 2009 because “he couldn’t trust his instincts when driving.”

In other words, he’s still being Bill.

3 thoughts on “PD Fake News

  1. Macomb is near my old home area. My brother worked there (Macomb County) as a state trooper for several years. My kids aren’t too far away. Knowing the kind of people that live there, I doubt he’ll last that long. It’s mildly Democratic, but he’s a loon.

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  2. Oh. And that pic reminds me of an old saying: “A pipe gives a wise man something to chew on as he carefully ponders a question. It give a fool something to poke in the middle of his face.”

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