Uh, what?


If there was ever a case not have democrats in charge of government – or anything else for that matter..

Yesterday, Democrats put a halt to the almost $2 trillion stimulus package after days of what appeared to be bipartisan cooperation.  As it turns out, it was merely to buy time until Nancy Pelosi came off break.

Not a single Democrat in the Senate voted to pass cloture despite Schumer earlier on Sunday saying they were close.  Pelosi had just returned from her chamber’s recess (imagine you’re the leader of your chamber during a crisis and you’re not around.)

In case anyone needs a reminder:  California and New York, states represented by Pelosi and Schumer, are epicenters of the US outbreak. Democrat governors are locking down their states.

What Pelosi and her band of progressives want are to force changes to laws unrelated to helping struggling businesses and employees during this crisis. These include subsidies for climate change initiatives, expansion of big labor, and corporate board diversity.  Democrats couldn’t get them passed before and want to leverage the crisis to enact more of their leftist agenda.

By the end of the week, some 20% of small businesses will be forced to close their doors permanently which may force 3 million workers our of work.  Each day it continues, more and more businesses will be added to that group as will tens of thousands of workers.

Unless the Democrats focus on the immediate need, which is likely not to happen, then all of the political games will force Americans to make choices that involve painful risk analysis: Whether citizens should defy the laws of the government in order to make a living. Already, there is growing anxiety amongst the quarantined population of whether this is really worth it.

Politicians forced Americans to stay home because it was in the national interest.  Trump is using every legal maneuver and tool available for the government to attack the disease lessen the burden, but until Congress gets past its political games the public may be forced to take risks to themselves and their family to pay the bills.

Democrats hatred for Trump is one thing.  Causing unnecessary suffering to their constituents for political reasons is pure evil.

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