Liberal coronavirus blues

TDS Scream

I’m not sure they realize just how bad they look.

According to the CDC, as of Feb 29, the number of reported cases of coronavirus in the United States is 22. Of that number, 15 are confirmed cases and the remaining seven are presumptive.  Presumptive means the local testing facility has confirmed it and is awaiting CDC confirmation.  One death from the virus occurred in Washington state.

In China, the number of infections and deaths are in the thousands.  Chinese blockade of news since the spread is calling into question its accuracy which many believe are far higher.  As the virus spreads around the world, some governments are taking extreme measures such as enforcing quarantines around entire cities.  Such draconian measures are seen as necessary since symptoms of the virus are scary and is causing a lot of panic.

Liberals in the US though, are not satisfied with the Trump administration’s effort on addressing the threat.  The President’s response is measured, but apparently not good enough for the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, both of whom put out statements critical of anything Trump does.  Their surrogates in the legislature and in the press have dutifully carried the message of Trump’s incompetence.  Some have even gone as far as to complain that the administration’s effectiveness is limited because there aren’t enough women sitting in meetings.

Trump and his team have managed the efforts well and the public is informed on the government response and how each person can minimize their risk.  These are mostly common sense activities proven effective in slowing the spread of any communicable disease.  It showcases the effectiveness of the American health system: Comprehensive and expansive flu vaccination programs, rapid response medical facilities, and the top talent in communicable diseases deployed to help push facts and advise on solutions.

Another reason for the small numbers:  Trump’s decision in early February to halt flights from China that received huge backlash from Democrats.  Some on the left even suggested that memes and other actions against the Chinese was “racial animus”.  Trump Derangement Syndrome requires that liberals criticize every..single.. thing.. Trump does no matter if the correct policy, action or comments makes sense. It also includes mandatory use of the word “racism.” Despite their pearl clutching, only 1 death out of 22 known cases in the US since the outbreak was reported almost two months ago in China.

And yet, many on the left are calling this the “Trumpvirus” despite it’s origins were in China, the effect on the US population has been mostly insignificant, and the administration has been working with ungrateful governors and disingenuous democrat leaders to get as much help to local communities.

But this is actually where Trump has got the democrats by their proverbial balls.  In 2016, he ran on his America First policy which included better trade deals, growing the energy sector, and focus on rebuilding American manufacturing.  His goal is for the US to be become a net exporter.  China represent not only a threat, but a single point of failure – the US economy was vulnerable to external players that could bring financial devastation to Americans.

It also showcases the importance of border control.  Elizabeth Warren wanted to pull money from the border wall to fund the coronavirus response, not realizing that having a sound border policy would be strategically important in preventing a pandemic from affecting this country.  Imagine having to explain that to border states: “We can’t have a wall to keep people with infectious diseases out because its racist.”  I can imagine the look of the faces in the room.

The coronavirus and Trump’s response give a lot of undecideds a clear picture of how past US-China policies have sold the country out to China and leaving American consumers vulnerable.  It also shows the insanity of the political left in their decision to fight secure borders and expose the country to dangers beyond terrorists infiltrating the country. And China’s socialized medicine is on full display in combating a contagion.  Once the democrats finally figure out who they are going to nominate, you can bet they will have to answer for their past positions on China as well as their actions during this incident.

And Trump will eat them alive. Nom nom nom..


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