Hard Rock Facts

tom hanks hmmm

The earth has a lot of rocks.

Granite is an igneous rock abundant in the earth.  Mainly made of quartz and feldspar, Granite is extremely durable and is one of the hardest substances on the planet.  It resists most forms of abrasion and weathering, can bear large weight, and accepts polishing.

This natural resource is used in many applications.  Its history has been documented back to the Egyptians which used it for building materials and decorations.  Romans used granite for construction large buildings, roads, and public bath houses.  In the United States, granite was responsible for construction of the first railways in 1825.

Today, this amazing natural stone is the base of the Statue of Liberty.  The faces of four famous presidents are sculpted in the granite peaks of Mount Rushmore.  Granite is used to make curling stones for the game of Curling. It’s commercial and private applications are a multi-billion dollar industry employing hundreds of thousands of workers.

Its use has helped to advance human civilization in more ways than one.  Granite is an extremely beneficial material to the progress of mankind.

In contrast, here is an example of worthless material:

She once used to serve drinks at a bar and scrubbed a few toilets.  She was responsible for killing an Amazon deal that would have brought billions to the local economy.  She wants to destroy the American economy by implementing a “Green New Deal” that will do little for the planet except create the largest class of poor American’s in history.  She also thinks she’s smart despite being regularly embarrassed whenever she opens her mouth.

Please don’t compare her to a box of rocks. It’s insulting to the rocks.

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