The laughable Elizabeth Warren Medicare for All Calculator.



This is worse than perhaps appropriating a race.

If you go this campaign website and use the calculator, you’ll find that it’s not really a calculator.  Here is the first page asking about your current coverage.


The red highlighted options, once you select one and click next, merely tell you that you’re already covered and there is nothing for you to do.  The option on the lower right merely tells you you’re going to be covered because “Elizabeth believes health care is a human right.”

The other two options?  It walks you through the calculator like this:


How much do you spend on healthcare, including premiums? Enter the number, and click next.


This is an irrelevant question, not because it has no relevance.  People who are financially strapped, even though they have Obamacare (all health plans regardless of employment or plans are governed by the ACA), still have to make hard choices because of the insane deductibles that are attached to these plans.

The question is irrelevant because no matter what you answer, it doesn’t affect what you see on the next screen:


What she is saying is that you will keep your money because you won’t be spending *ANY* of it for healthcare under her plan.

In other words, this is not a calculator.  This is a fake news calculator and specifically violates the terms of Twitter by claiming it’s a calculator.

I’ll make it easy: Whatever you spend right now, she says you won’t be spending anymore. And that your taxes won’t go up.

In other words, it’s all a lie – just like her heritage, DNA test, and teaching job.

Trump is going to have a field day with her.  I foresee lots of delicious popcorn for the debates.

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