Goodbye, Beto!


This was not the path you were looking for.

Beto believed that becoming the president was a destiny of sorts for him. It appears that the constituents of his party didn’t have the same vision.

Indeed, sharing one’s own dental exams should be slam dunks to voters that you’re a real person living a real life with real daily consequences.. even though you’ve married into wealth and managed to skate the consequences of a hit and run (it wuz white privilege ya’ll! – Texas twang implied.)

Alas, the man who would come take your guns using the power of the United States police forces, has chosen a different path. Or rather, he was forced off the 2020 election train and must now thumb it on the back roads of non-relevance.

Meanwhile, the socialist wing of the democrat party is taking the wheel.  This ride looks to be fun.

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