Rule of Law

Just stop

A certain NY Congresswoman who struggles with a garbage disposal is probably not qualified to handle her job.

If there is anything the socialists elected to the US House of Representatives from New York, Michigan and Minnesota has taught us is that Rule of Law is superseded by feelings.

When it comes to explaining how the law actually works and its purpose, the squad falls short of reality.

The brutal precision by which former Director of ICE, Thomas Homan, eviscerated the political grandstanding of socialist She Guevara and her imbecilic colleague “Chuy” Garcia’s questioning should have placed the squad on notice: Rule of Law is a fundamental part of our society. And the people who condemn those entrusted to enforce the law may clean your clock when you try to smear them in support of the narrative.

That didn’t stop AOC from trying to sneak a sucker punch that missed the mark by a mile:

Once again, she misses the point.  The process as defined by the law allows illegals to seek political asylum just like others in the world. Those attempting to gain entry into the country by any other means is a crime. People like She Guevara believe this is completely inhumane, but this is how the rule of law works.  The current crisis at the border wasn’t one when Trump proclaimed it But it is now because democrats have decided that people of their own free will to come to this country are suffering because – the law.

Instead of rethinking her approach and perhaps look for ways to help make herself appear you know.. rational, the DC garbage disposal queen decided to offer help to those who have stayed past their legal limit and are looking to avoid capture by those lawfully charged to perform their duties.

Other democrats are actively helping faux refugees skirt the process to get them into the country, effectively subverting the legal process and using the conditions created by their own lack of action as a cudgel.  In short, the rule of law is not important, at least not to them. What is important at this moment are their feelings even though they actually care little for the people who are suffering.  The end game here is to re-invent America into their own image.

You can damn well bet that if these socialists do gain the necessary power, they’ll want citizens to follow the laws they pass and expect total obedience.  History tells us these visionaries are all for chaos to create a new world order and it usually ends up with the masses revolting and heads to roll.

Of course, they don’t see themselves as fascists. Destroyers of civilizations never do. They have a radical vision for a world order which always starts with, “I know better than you.”   The question is, will enough of her followers finally realize she’s just not competent enough to even hold the office she currently occupies?

What is for sure is that Trump’s chances of winning another term continues to go up. Will AOC and her band of merry future dictators still be around?

1 thought on “Rule of Law

  1. I wonder if AOC and the “squad” (and the Dem candidates, etc) could give us a couple of laws that they think illegal immigrants *must* follow? Are there any, or do they get to break them all at will?

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