Obligatory PD Post

Schmalfeldt driving selfie

Remember when he was dying from PD?


About 5 years ago, Bill Schmalfeldt begrudgingly informed the world he was dying and his Parkinson’s had finally reached the advanced Stage V.  He was confined to his home and a wheelchair. His wife, struggling with her own health issues, was forced to be his full time caretaker, before she too succumbed to her own illness. Her remnants were unceremoniously placed into a clock that is all but lost.  Meanwhile, Parkinson’s Disease progressively cruel nature was slowing consuming the man tasked with defending the honor of Brett Kimberlin.

Today, he’s running a promo show at the Lee County fairgrounds in the sweltering 90 degree heat for his new employer.  Driving the roughly 40 minutes from nearby Burlington, home to the KQ92 classic rock radio station, Schmalfeldt will have had to set up and broadcast in extreme hot and humid conditions for a couple of hours before packing it in and having to go back to Burlington where he will unload and store all of his equipment.  All in all, a long physical day for someone who claimed in his own podcast a couple of years ago that he has to lie down every 10 minutes due to the progressive nature of his disease.

Now, it’s possible he’s convinced a couple of younger and more fit employees to travel with him for this auspicious occasion.  Indeed, if management had a lick of sense, they would make sure he wouldn’t get behind the wheel.  They’d also provide him with a cot or portable mattress so he could take appropriate breaks.

You don’t have to believe me on this – here are his own words from June 20, 2017 where he lays out the case for why he shouldn’t appear before a judge because he violated court rules:

It’s been two years since he shared his manifesto with the world that he could not sit for long hours without a break every 10 minutes to lie down.  This is because, as he says, multitudes of medical professionals and experts have evaluated and concluded that he has ADVANCED Parkinson’s Disease.  He begrudgingly states that all his recent gains, whatever that means, has been lost.  The disease has come back with a vengeance and he is resigned to his new normal.

And yet, there he is in Southeastern Iowa doing a radio show in the summertime heat, working for several hours in a physically demanding job.

This medical miracle continues to defy modern science.

Update:  Fixed the KQ92 station reference above.

6 thoughts on “Obligatory PD Post

  1. This is why “Big Bill Small” can never sue anyone in a court of law for the rest of his life, his court filing–sworn under penalty of perjury–do not match really. He has impeached himself before he gets started.

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  2. Ah yes, the glorious Iowa July.

    I seem to recall three summers in Iowa City when the bank clock thermometers gave readings over 100 pretty much every day for the whole month. My bedsit had feeble a/c, and my cat got mild heat stroke. If it’s only in the 90s, that would be comparatively pleasant.

    He really needs to do some serious dieting; he looks like his neck is trying to melt.

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  3. Honestly, I can’t listen to him for more than a few seconds. I think it’s due to the way he seems to be all windup and no pitch. I suppose he thinks he’s giving some sort of context to whatever point he might be trying to make, but it’s just painful to try to listen. I made it through almost 45 seconds this time before I wanted to jab knitting needles into my ears.
    And I think is neck is trying to run away from the rest of his body.
    And cigars. Aren’t cigars a big no-no for his Parky’s?

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  4. Contrary to the above, his “neck” is sagging like that because he’s lost so much weight. Which is why his Porkinsons isn’t affecting him so much. He’s barely more fat than the average man in his 60s, now, instead of strangling himself with that goiter-like roll of fat he used to have around what would be the neck of a person who actually had one.

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  5. That audio clip is stunning. I wouldn’t hire a guy like that. Seems to me KQ92 is at substantial risk; either by something Bill Small (Schmalfeldt) might do or by something which, however imagined or tangential, might happen to him.

    Google ‘bill schmalfeldt’ Google ‘brett kimberlin’ (hi Brett!)


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