Dumbass Tweet O’Day

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Why does the press hate America?

If I recall, America was really great under Obama.  And yet, according to this video, Obama made it worse.

At the same time, I don’t see many of these journalists looking to move to other countries.

3 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’Day

  1. Americans have been to the Moon. We did that while fighting a Cold War and spinning up (sadly) a welfare state.

    We nearly single-handedly gave humanity a new agricultural revolution AND the information age.

    We kept the Soviets armed while they poured bodies against the Nazis, while fighting on a different front that covered about a quarter of the entire globe. Seriously — the war against Imperial Japan spanned from India to Alaska to Indonesia. Since then we’ve tried to oppose every form of tyranny that’s come along, but been stymied by people like those from the NYT.

    Yep, we’re not perfect. But damn, we’re good.

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    • Europe is currently straining under an influx of refugees and other migrants, comprising a small fraction of the numbers of migrants we face. The new government of Italy is considering some drastic changes, because they just can’t handle the flood across the Mediterranean.

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