Tucker Carlson and Fox News has it wrong.

The more you know

We all know what is ailing the dictator.

On last night’s show, Tucker Carlson did a segment on the health of North Korean Supreme Ruler, Kim Jong Un.

Tucker booked a guest to give an opinion as to the possible culprit of the murderous dictator’s ailments.  Dr. Mark Segal opined that Jong Un suffers from “Obesity Hyperventilation Syndrome”, a condition where an obese person with a thick neck has trouble breathing.  He explains that the fat from the neck restricts air flow and can also cause sleep apnea.  His condition is exacerbated by heavy smoking.

Based on people I know, I don’t think the ruthless Jong Un suffers from being overweight. He actually has a form of Parkinson’s Disease that can only be cured by moving to a renovated convent in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or to get a radio gig that doesn’t involve scrubbing toilets.

It’s just a matter of time before medical science is able to properly document these pioneering treatments, at least before the courts do.

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