Biden is running

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

And what he doesn’t say is truly remarkable.

Joe Biden is running for president.

The kickoff to his campaign is the purposeful misquoting of President Trump in delivering an impassioned message that actually works against him. His record for standing up to the ideals he espouses is sorely lacking.

Most people don’t think the incident in Charlottesville is enough to really run on.  Biden has said he wants to “Make America Great Again” by being more truthful and honest but considering his campaign kickoff has started with a lie, he isn’t exactly making his case.

For now, Biden will get plenty of opportunities to let loose many gaffes, but at some point he will have to start sharing the policy prescriptions that will stand out to moderate voters on both sides.  Will it be enough to unite his party that has been largely hijacked by the socialists?

I expect to eat a lot of popcorn.


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