Dear Lord…

You're actually serious

Academia has been poisoned by the left.

Biologically, the effects of pregnancy and cancer may have similarities, but the outcomes are very different.  However, the characterization of a fetus as a “legitimate parasite” is a definitive political statement.

This is happening  at the University of California San Diego.  This explains why there is crap on the streets in that state.

2 thoughts on “Dear Lord…

  1. They claim they “believe” in evolution, but don’t grasp the most basic elements of it. Reproduction is the primary purpose of evolution; it’s not an unusual state, it’s not an aberration, it’s what biology evolved to support.

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  2. I’ve heard a reputable scientist weigh in with a *hypothesis* that is probably non-scientific (at least, not to the Karl Popper-mandated “falsifiable” scientific standard), but which is none-the-less interesting:

    (Not sure, but for some reason Prof. Paul Davies comes to mind as the scientist.)

    There is an oxygen-supply gap in the early stages of pregnancy, between when the egg is fertilized, through until when it is implanted and the mother’s oxygen supply is available through the uterus. (This may be a replay of some evolutionary stages from ancestor lines, from millions (billions?) of years ago…)

    The scientist’s hypotheses is that there is a special set of genes/encoding/mechanism in the embryo to keep the new organism viable until the oxygen supply comes on-line. After this time, the anoxic mechanism is no longer needed for the entire rest of the organism’s lifetime, and regulation mechanism(s) (proteins/genes/immune system?) switch it off…

    … except, of course, that the mechanism is still there, even if actively being suppressed. The scientist’s idea was that, if somehow the switch-off regulation systems failed, the functionality would restart, and would at be at odds with the rest of the body’s functioning: This might manifest itself as cancer.

    As mentioned above, may not be truly scientific by the “testable” standard, but interesting nonetheless…


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