More liberal self-awareness


Recent events suggest the lack thereof.

Yesterday, the school admission scandal broke and members of the media and many others were rightfully calling out wealthy individuals for trying to game the system for their kids.  At a time when the socialists in the Democrat party are desperate for examples of how the system is rigged against the common worker, the indictments couldn’t have come at a better time.

All this sounds like a win for decency until you actually read the list of defendants.  In it, it’s involves not only wealthy liberals, but the enterprise itself was run by liberals, most of whom lived in California.  Those that didn’t either worked for liberal institutions or were known supporters of liberal causes.

The true irony in all this is how silent the left is on the political views of those charged. While they are busy trying to tell us how the GOP and Republicans are all about hating the “hardworking middle class”, they seem to gloss over the political leanings of those on their side committing violations of their accepted standards.

Consider that Elizabeth Warren herself has no sympathy for the parents deception in helping their kids into prestigious universities.

It’s almost like she believes that those who use deception to get into prestigious schools should be prosecuted.

tom hanks hmmm

Bernie Sanders is unusually quiet, most likely because of his constant evasion for answers about his wife’s own malfeasance in nearly bankrupting Burlington College.  His solution is to make college free for everyone so that no one has an advantage – along with your taxpayers financing silly things like meaningless land purchases.

Along with Bernie, Kristen Gillibrand,  Kamala Harris, the DCC and the Congressional Black Caucus all seemed fine with having sexual predators in their organizations and keeping everything quiet – that is, until things leaked.  Those who wish to be president must think the rational voters are fools.

Speaking of misleading the voters, Alexandria “She Guevara” Ocasio-Cortez opened her mouth despite the axiom regarding fools:

Apparently, this didn’t work for Hillary and her minions who spent a billion dollars trying to get her elected.

In the “enviro” for those who made it against all odds, she attended elite schools because of her father’s wealth. She certainly didn’t earn it.

It was obvious she cared more about bar tending and socialism in college than actually paying attention in class as she took on a Wells Fargo executive and was resoundingly humiliated.  Her tactic to play the political morality card didn’t fare well against the facts.

Wait, what?

Here, she is trying to assign liability to Wells Fargo simply because they provided financing in developing structures she opposes politically.  The funny part is that she has no clue about the pipeline project process and the hundreds of entities involved.  To her, Well Fargo’s participation in the enterprise is enough to assign blame for any catastrophe involving the pipeline. Using her theory, the bank that financed the mortgage on the house used by Jeffrey Dahmer could be liable to his victims and their families.

This kind of nonsensical behavior should be an embarrassment. Then again, the lack self-awareness is a feature of being liberal – you can violate the law, be excused for violating progressive norms, get media cover, and still pontificate these same things to those who oppose your ideology.

In short, a typical day in the life of a liberal.

3 thoughts on “More liberal self-awareness

  1. Free tuition will make these events more common. Funding will no longer be a barrier to application, so top tier schools will be even more inundated with applicants, requiring ‘innovative screening methods’.

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