Meaningless words

can't even

It’s her again.

Alexandria “She Guevara” Ocasio-Cortez was given a queens reception at SXSW in Austin, Texas and is asked a question about her radical ideas. Her answer is quite.. idiotic.


My first response was laugh at the suggestion that areas of her district are just like middle America. I’m pretty sure she has not a clue about the heartland of America, its history, or its people. She just assumes that the Trump supporters in her district are the same, demonstrating her illiteracy.

She blathers about a number of things and is unsurprisingly incoherent. What she does try to say is that the reason people believe her ideas are radical is because the country has strayed from its core.

It’s fascinating that she doesn’t share how any of her ideas align to the core she says we’ve strayed from. In fact, she just strings a bunch of vague concepts together in a word salad of gobbledygook. I watched it three times to derive something meaningful from it and realized each successive viewing didn’t add anything to my original conclusion:  She is an idiot.

And the real crime here is because so many have reverence for her, she literally goes unchallenged. It’s possible that the person interviewing her has no idea what she’s saying and is probably not worth the effort to unpack all the garbage.  Or, the person doing the interview has no clue either and just thinks she’s so awesome!

Here is another example of where her perspective is so tainted by liberal ideology, she trashes one of the greatest presidents in modern US history.

Her analysis is patently ridiculous and a product of willful ignorance of history mangled with liberal talking points.  It’s ironic that she can make outrageous claims and not even provide an scintilla of evidence to support it. It’s more intersectional politics in a forum where she goes unchallenged.

And notice the response when she implies that the US is garbage.

The fact her comments generated laughter says all you need to know about her and her supporters.


5 thoughts on “Meaningless words

  1. I’d have given her bonus points if she clarified:

    “I didn’t mean the United States should be hauling garbage, I meant the United States should be hauled away _as_ garbage.”

    I mean, we’re big enough to take a few insults, right?

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  2. Good lord. I never thought I’d see the day that someone even more stupid than Maxine Waters would be elected to your congress, but here you are.

    Perhaps William should take a run at a house seat. I’m beginning to think he’s eminently qualified.

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