7 thoughts on “To summarize the Kamala Harris townhall on CNN

    • And what basis do you make the claim “she’s not as crazy as Hillary?” Because she’s (a little) better looking and healthier? Her policies prove she’s at least as crazy as Hillary. And the fact she’s up front and open about those policies proves she’s stupider than Hillary. And that’s saying a lot right there.

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        • Maybe so. I haven’t made any sort of thorough study. So I’m unaware of any episodes that might be similar to HRC’s efforts to destroy the women who had the gall to publicly object to WJC’s treatment of them, or HRC’s chuckling recollection of her successful defense of a child-rapist.

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        • There’s the fact that a department head (her deputy? I can’t recall) was accused of sexual assault/harrassment AND had a lawsuit against him for it WHILE SHE WAS STILL IN OFFICE. She claims to know nothing about it. When you are in charge of someone, and there’s an investigation into that person, not only are you likely to know about it, you’re likely to be involved in one form or another. I was only a manager of a small team of programmers (5 including me), but when one was up for falsifying his time card (which I did not approve, the project lead had that one), I was involved in helping track down when the falsified times were. So, her claim to lack of knowledge is suspicious.

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  1. It used to be that “forming an exploratory committee” was about gauging support, determining a platform, and scoping out donors prior to making a decision to run.

    It seems like we are beyond all that.

    Now, “forming an exploratory committee” is the new “look for a formal announcement in the next three days that we’re going to spend several million dollars in a lost cause.”

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