Democrat Socialists hate the First Amendment

You're actually serious

Not unexpected, but socialists will be socialists.

In other words, members of Congress are pressuring corporations to get in line with their political narrative.

There is no such thing as a “climate denier”. It’s an identity label created by the left and assigned to those who don’t subscribe to the religion of catastrophe based solely in computer models.  There are plenty of well regarded and credentialed scientists who have shown that many studies claiming impending doom have serious issues.

The bigger issue here is that members of Congress are trying to suppress freedom of speech, and in this case, to present a different political view.  The science is far from settled, but the liberals want to end the political debate because they’ve bought into the religious hype.

More to the point: While climate predictions over the last thirty years have failed to materialize from “reputable” climate scientists, there is no doubt as to the human catastrophe socialism is responsible for. And yet, we have elected believers of this dangerous system to Congress and their numbers are growing.

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