Telling falsehoods and uttering offensive rhetoric is bad, mkay..

Unless you’re a liberal.

David Hogg continues his campaign of shooting himself in the foot. Now he’s ratcheting up the rhetoric to include outright falsehoods in his attempt to take down the NRA.

At some point, Hogg’s “fame” won’t protect him. And yet, he wants to work for CNN or some other news outlet.  This will turn out well.


5 thoughts on “Umm…

  1. Hogg had his moment and was used by those who didn’t give a rats ass about those killed in that school. His statements will only become more shrill and detached from reality in an effort to remain in the spotlight. “Time” has already pronounced judgement on Hogg with the sentence; He’s finished.

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  2. I don’t see why posting such idiocy would keep him from getting a job with CNN or such. He’s about as acquainted with the truth and about as smart as the Big Names there.

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