So wait..


It would seem the portly pundit is a long way from self-awareness.

The President tweets a lot which is not news to anyone.  Anyone who understands Twitter knows that when you rapid tweet, spelling and grammar errors are part of the consequences.

Of course, when it comes to Twitter, someone still hasn’t figured out that when a court tells you to not contact someone, @ mentioning them is considered an attempt to contact. But I digress.

When you are writing legal filings as a pro-se plaintiff, or in his words, “pro-se prosecutor”, how hard is to spell your name?

Asking for a friend.

2 thoughts on “So wait..

  1. Well, it shouldn’t really, but I guess it depends on the name!

    Smith, Jones, Krendler, Hoge, Palmer – easy!

    But for some reason, Schamafeldt, Schmalfeldtt, Shmalfeldt, Smalldick, DUMBFUCK, Nutshufflingpenis – those are all tough.

    Go figure.

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