This sums up Democrats.

Imagine your money being sent to someone you want elected. He says he doesn’t want to share it with other candidates. His staff is sharing it with non-citizens.

For the independents who thinks he is an up and coming star, all he’s shown is that he is aloof, has no control of his campaign, and allows – if not condones – corruption.

In other words, a true democrat.

1 thought on “Welp..

  1. If there was ever a case of white privilege, he’s it. And the Left doesn’t seem to care, which tells you a lot.
    His father was a judge when he got out of his DUI/fleeing rap, and he’s married to the only child (daughter) of a billionaire developer who either wanted to or did bulldoze a low-income neighborhood in the city when “Bobby” (I’m pretty sure he wasn’t Beto at the time) was on the City Council.
    He’s pretty much the epitome of everything the Left claims to hate, yet they love him. Go figure.


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