Why the #MeToo movement must be destroyed.


I’m certain I’ll lose liberal friends over this, but now is the time they be held accountable for supporting a movement contrary to the core beliefs of our country.

Back in 2007, a woman named Tarana Burke started the #MeToo movement as a means for survivors of sexual assault to connect and share experiences in support of one another.  In 2017, Alyssa Milano and other members of Hollywood hijacked the movement and broadened its scope to include such acts as merely looking at a woman the wrong way.  The movement has been further infiltrated by extreme feminists in their campaign to destroy the “patriarchy” which is nothing more than a fantasy goblin created by unhappy lesbians at elite universities.  All men are the enemy and they must be shamed for any transgression deemed a violation of their established rules.

As a result of being inclusive to groups who are extreme political activists, the Democrat party has assumed this movement as its own.  Their hope is that all women will fall in line and oppose the “old white privileged men” of the republican party.  “I believe her” is nothing more than a political cudgel to gain power by any means necessary. They don’t care about women – they just want the benefit of a movement for political means and to gain power.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the media adhered to its traditional role of impartiality.  Not only are the democrats provided cover by the media, but they are actively engaged in efforts to push this and other movements designed to overturn the rules of fair play.  Journalists have abandoned their natural belief in impartiality because the reporters don’t want to be seen as questioning the movement. This happens when journalists follow their political donation. It became worse because Donald Trump won, in spite of an old Access Hollywood tape that should have installed Hillary into office.

At a rally in Mississippi, President Trump rattled off the discrepancies in the testimony of Dr. Ford.  Past presidents have steered clear of making any comments of ongoing investigations including the subjects themselves. Part of Trump’s appeal is precisely because he speaks his mind, regardless of how offensive it is to the political elite. His unflinching support for Judge Kavanaugh in the face of the movement has caused the media to become hysterical.



Let’s not forget that the media has yet to seriously delve into the contradictions of Ford’s testimony. It’s right there in the sworn statements and testimony transcripts.  They seem more interested in ice cubes being thrown in a bar fight.  And when ridiculed for their petulant behavior, the reporters respond with, “She was credible in her testimony.”  They continue to confuse a good story teller as truthful, rather than evaluating statements made in the story for truthfulness.

It’s true that Trump’s repeating the inconsistencies in Ford’s testimony rallied participants.  While Trump hasn’t slandered Dr. Ford, or even mocked her, Democrats have a history of slandering private citizens for political means. The Koch brothers were often featured as evil villains in speeches by Senator Harry Reid on a regular basis.  Their crime was funding conservative causes, and very often, Reid mis-characterized at best, lied at worst, Koch’s actual use of funds.  The media were often cheerleaders of these characterizations as witnessed by their reporting to shore up the allegations.

It didn’t stop there.  During moments of national crisis, the media picked sides and didn’t bother to even hide it. The press dug deep into George Zimmerman’s background in an effort to make Trayvon Martin look like a saint. Zimmerman was initially characterized as a white man of a conservative background because he had a gun that was used to kill Martin.  In fact, he was a Latino Democrat. His parents had suffered harassment because Spike Lee doxxed them in a tweet.  The media was nowhere to be found in condemnation.  CNN’s doxxing of those who are negative towards them and their causes is well document.

Darren Wilson, the police officer in the shooting of Michael Brown, endured intense scrutiny after several witnesses said he shot Brown in cold blood.  Even after physical evidence proved witnesses supporting the narrative were wrong, the media kept pushing the false statements.  For both Martin and Brown, it was not about the evidence; it was about promoting the narrative of police killing black men.

These movements run contrary to concepts of fairness and individual rights.  The presumption of guilt in support social justice movements is not part of our national heritage. In fact, it runs counter to America’s values which served as the basis for the Bill of Rights.  Without these rights, the fledgling colonial states may not have ratified the Constitution and thus our lives might be very different.

While a free press is intrinsic in serving the democracy, it’s power, like that of the government is meant to serve the greater good.  It’s intent is to make the government transparent and open ensuring tyranny is kept in check.  The founders foresaw the need to have a check on government corruption.  They enshrined those rights in the first amendment for both citizens and journalists.  After all, elected officials are answerable to the voices of the people.

The left’s adoption of “social justice” is nothing more than a smoke screen to implement changes towards a more socialist state.  Indeed, the stated focus of many groups immersed within the movement is the overthrow of the government to be replaced with another experiment in socialism.  Most Americans have a negative view of socialism, but academia and students in universities are breeding grounds for supporters of this anti-humane doctrine and it continues to grow each year.  In history, women have been more negatively affected by this doctrine, something that is not shared in the classroom, including the most astounding statistic – socialist ideology is the number one cause of death of humanity in the 20th century.  In short, history is being re-written to hide it from young minds.

If the real goal of the #MeToo movement is meant to help victims of sexual assault and to raise awareness, then how does uprooting the traditional notions of due process and innocent until proven guilty help?  It doesn’t. All it does, like it is doing right now, is to allow abuse by those seeking political power.  Look no further than seeing how Democrats claim of helping women is to put before the national spotlight a woman with a poor story.  They prop her up with “I believe”.  That is an emotion, not facts and she like any other accuser should be questioned directly, something senators sworn to uphold the constitution have demurred.

Brett Kavanaugh is a man with a sterling reputation.  He is an advocate for women.  Far more women have come out in support of him who personally know him than those who have been for Ford.  Indeed, the #MeToo movement has seen women siding with Ford without any reservation or consideration of the facts in her story.  And if it turns out in the future that Ford is ultimately lying and the only reason for coming forward was to alter the political process in favor of the democrats, then how has the movement helped women?

This is why the #MeToo movement must be fought with vigor and destroyed.  It’s not that women who have been sexually assaulted should be ignored.  People in a good and decent society will always work to repel and defeat evil.  Victims will always have the compassion and support they need and deserve.

But a movement also must have credibility.  What happens when the movement becomes hijacked by those using it for political power, and in turn, harms innocent people, even those it’s meant to protect?  You’re already seeing the bullhorn advocates promoting mob rule and a “take no prisoners” party line. Even women who disagree with the radical elements of the movement are subject to ridicule. Conservative women know this first hand and their efforts to be heard as reasonable voices are threatened with violent attacks, often with the blessing of the movement’s leaders.

Hopefully, the movement will implode from it’s own hypocrisy, or self-destructs from those more interested in ambition than the women they claim to support.  The question is, how many innocents will be harmed before it’s over?  I’d rather we not have any more innocent people harmed in any way. This movement is not the answer.

End it.  Confirm Kavanaugh.  Vote in November to cripple the Democrats.

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