“This was more like a Lloyd Christmas moment.”


It would seem the Democrats have been doing their best to make fools of themselves.  It requires someone not named Spartacus.

The confirmation hearing of nominated supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh caused the liberals to become completely unhinged.

In a very odd moment,  New Jersey Senator Cory Booker attempted to release already released confidential committee documents regarding the nominee on his views of race.  In an effort to state he would accept the consequences for violating the rules, he proclaimed it was the closest Spartacus moment in his life.  The media lapped up the shenanigans for a short time before realizing the folly of Spartacus.. I mean, Booker.. or Lloyd.

It turns out that Booker’s pronouncement of himself as a martyr for the cause of transparency was an embarrassment.  This was the same Booker who told a reporter hours later that asking him a question was a violation of the Constitution.  Him and David Hogg have something in common when it comes to this country’s founding document.

And this was just one highlight.  To see the breadth of ridiculousness, let’s go back to the previous weekend.

Chuck Todd wrote an op-ed decrying President Trump’s attacks on the media.  During his whining, he stated Fox News and Roger Ailes had given Trump the means to get us to this point.  Ailes’ evil plan was to build his empire on the competition’s journalistic missteps. It’s as if he almost forgot what happened in 2016.

At any rate, the next day excerpts from Bob Woodward’s new book depicts a White House in total chaos. Included in the salacious details were quotes attributed to Trump and other cabinet members that cast the president as a raving lunatic.  Only the cool thinking of Secretary of Defense, Mad Dog Mattis, prevented Trump from starting a war with the Syrians.. or something.

Additional excerpts even suggested that staffers and other officials were trying to prevent Trump from making bad decisions, like removing paperwork from his desk.  In fact, if it weren’t for the good people Trump hired, he might have taken the country down a different path of Making America Greater than EVER.. or something.

Almost immediately, the cabinet and many other senior officials denied the quotes as well as Woodward’s third, fourth and fifth person anecdotes of the West Wing in disarray.  Chuck Todd was having none of it. He proclaimed Woodward’s book as factual saying the fears of the media and establishment were true:  Trump is unfit for office.

Later in the week, the NY Times prints an op-ed from an “anonymous senior administration official” that essentially corroborates Woodward’s book.  Included in the rather long statement was that while he and “like-minded” others love Trump’s policies, they were taking it upon themselves to help keep the president in line, as if they were doing us all a favor.  Seems odd that he supports the president, wants to reign him in.. or .. um. whatever.

While the media was running hard with Woodward’s book and the anonymous official op-ed, it seemed awfully coincidental that Todd’s editorial about fighting back had new ammunition.  I am not one for conspiracies, but I find it hard to believe that Todd was not aware of at least Woodward’s book.  Interesting that Todd’s editorial appears the weekend before the “Woodward bombshell.”

Of course, the op-ed made liberals pee down their legs with excitement until many political pundits and legislators from both sides were calling for the op-ed writer to reveal himself. Most agreed having someone in the administration working against the president is probably not a good thing. In fact, it could have serious implications for the writer himself.

Speculation on who the anonymous official is has the press in a bit of a quandary – do they root for the guy and his compatriots.. er.. co-conspirators in an effort to keep Trump from going crazy and harming the country or do they hope he reveals himself to say, “THIS GUY HAS ALL THE GOODS!”

In reality, this makes Todd’s call for fighting back all the more ridiculous.  Todd, like all of his liberal media army, had dismissed the deep state conspiracy raised by Trump as some kind of mental illness.  Now, the anonymous hack proved its existence, corroborating Trump’s own words which he will no doubt use on the campaign trail to go along with the tag-line “fake news.”  How stupid is that?


Even so, I’m not sure the “official” will actually reveal himself.  The stakes have now changed.  While that person may not want to become public, it’ll be worse if he does.  My belief is that if the person exists, he now wants to stay anonymous.  The NY Times, however, may have a different idea, especially if they think it will hurt Trump.  Of course, whatever happens Trump will have been vindicated, something the liberal press did not take into account when running with this nonsense.

And to make matters worse, networks have raised the specter that Kavanaugh may have committed perjury, something legal experts from both sides say is unlikely. When has that stopped the news from pushing liberal narratives?

California Senator Kamala Harris, in an attempt to raise more money for her presidential bid, producted a deceptive video of Kavanaugh’s testimony.  The clip left out the part where he was quoting another party in the case.  Even CNN came up with a headline to match Harris’ false accusation and deceptive video.

Once again, the left’s quest for power has overridden their thinking caps.  Had they chosen to let Kavanaugh’s confirmation go foward without much fanfare, they would have kept the mistakes to a minimum.  However, they’ve made quite a few that can be used as fodder for many a campaign commercial, including for Trump in 2020 – Keep America Great!.

How is Todd supposed to fight back when he only has idiots for an army?

It gets better.  The Democratic Coalition, a sleazy organization run by grifter Scott Dworkin, filed a complaint with the DOJ that Kavanaugh committed perjury during his testimony.  Democrat resistance fighters are trying their hardest to employ every trick in the book to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation, including using the courts.

If the GOP were smart they would saturate the airwaves, flood emails, and get materials to volunteers on the ground of the democrats desperation and their mistakes. Contrast that against real republican action to make lives better and you could sway a few liberals to not vote or perhaps vote against democrats.  While I’m not convinced of a blue wave, the left is counting on it.  Of course, they did the same thing in 2016, except Trump now has a good record of governing and huge crowds still come to see him.

If Harris, Booker, Dworkin, Blumenthal, Schumer, the NY Times and Bob Woodward are the warriors Todd is looking for – well, it looks like Lloyd and Harry have roommates.


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