Uh.. yeah..


Two peas in a pod..


Schmalfeldt’s retweet of Kaepernick’s ad campaign about believing in “something” makes perfect sense.  Kaepernick is in the middle of a lawsuit that is doomed because he’s not a QB despite opting out.  He was benched because he wasn’t getting any better.  Then he started the protests.  When he was not picked up by other teams, he sued because he believes the NFL colluded to keep him because of his political speech.

Schmalfeldt has believed .. wait.. I’m not sure what he believed that caused him to sacrifice things other than he just made terrible choices in life.  You know like, associating with the infamous domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin and his attempts to silence others from reporting accurately on Kimberlin’s antics.

Schmalfeldt has sued, and either lost, had dismissed, or ran away from eight lawsuits regarding others reporting on his activities.  He’s even threatened to sue me because I question the veracity of his Parkinson’s Disease, something I’ve documented on this site.

Kaepernick’s sacrifice pales in comparison to others in the real world who have done more for humanity than just kneel during the national anthem and whine no one wants his political baggage he himself created.

So yeah, he’s sacrificed so much in his life, raised in a well-to-do family and earned millions while sitting on the bench.

Take it from the left – Colin has lost more than this guy.


Nike seems to have made it’s choice in siding with SJW’s.  Schmalfeldt is in total agreement.  If the Nike board was smart, they wouldn’t side with Schmalfeldt.  Or Kaepernick.

We’ll see what happens.

4 thoughts on “Uh.. yeah..

  1. I absolutely sure Ol’ Potato Head Schmalfeldt believes he’s way smarter than he actually is. He also appears to believe he’s a master tactician.
    So, the bulk of his beliefs probably have little to no connection to Reality.

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  2. I wonder, does Nike just assume the customers they will lose to be fewer than the ones they will gain? Or are they so profitable already that they don’t care? Do they also not care about shareholder lawsuits? I’d think this sort of deliberate damage to the brand, and therefore stock value, would be actionable.

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  3. Like DUMBFUCK’s life, Kaepernick’s cause is complete bullshit. Black folks may well be the most oppressed people in the country but the ones that are being oppressed are generally being oppressed by other black people, not the cops.

    Who’s the one guy in hot water for being at Aretha Franklin’s funeral? This guy —>

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