Nike’s huge gamble


Well, there is stupid and then there is…

Sacrificing everything?

He was relegated to the bench before he started his protests that have fueled a decline in the NFL’s rating and fan attendance. He’s suing to get on a team because he lacks the skill to be a good quarterback, a typical liberal reaction to use the courts to correct perceived “injustice.”

Nike must believe that their customer base is more interested in social justice than sports.  What do you suppose will happen when Nike sales start to decline?

This sports apparel business seems to have made a choice they now can’t run away from. I wonder if Nike’s Board of Directors understand this?

4 thoughts on “Nike’s huge gamble

  1. The University of Alabama had Nike as a uniform provider. They’ve announced recently (in the last day or so) that they’ve terminated the contract, destroyed the uniforms they have, and are contracting with another company for uniforms. I knew there was a reason I liked the Tide. Other than my uncle played for them in the 60’s.

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