About that “Trump’s worst week” thing..


The media induced drama is not moving the needle among voters.

Lanny Davis, the attorney for Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen, managed to convince his client to plead guilty to non-crimes of campaign finance violations. After the hearing, Davis went on to suggest that not only had Cohen important details about the infamous (media’s words) Russian meeting at Trump Tower but that Robert Mueller’s office would be interested in interviewing his client.

The media started their impeachment laps.  Paul Manafort’s convictions on filing false tax returns as well as bank fraud unrelated to the campaign was already a snoozer. Cohen, on the other hand, would do what Stormy Daniels and her shady lawyer couldn’t – create the best path for removal of Trump.

New week and new revelations.  Mr. Davis is now walking back his commentary. Cohen’s truthfulness was already in tatters and Mueller’s decision to pass Cohen’s crimes to the New York office may have been because Cohen has no credibility.  And as it turns out, Davis’ overreach to help Democrats create a case for impeachment has hurt the media’s narrative.  Collusion between CNN and a Clinton surrogate?  Get the eff out of here with that nonsense!

Included in the “hair on fire let’s impeach Trump news blasts” was the conclusion the payments made had actually influenced the election enough for Trump to win.  Let me see if I understand this:  The Access Hollywood tape, the other nine women who also made allegations of Trump affairs and harassment, the supposed racist comments about Mexicans that the other two women’s stories, had they been made public would have helped Hillary become the president?

Can you say, “Was anyone paying attention in 2016?”

Today, NBC released Trumps approval ratings to the shock of the media:  No one seemed to care about Cohen and Manafort. In fact, Trump’s numbers went up a couple of ticks.  How the hell could this happen?

Over the weekend, the media returned to the narrative of their truthfulness.  Even Chuck Todd went as far as to say the whole fake news was actually caused by Fox News!  So the whole Dan Rather thing, the media’s altering of George Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him out to be a racist, the purposeful mis-characterization of Trump’s comments about MS-13 and the failure to cover issues that are important to everyday American’s back up their belief they have credibility?


Indeed, it’s entirely possible the media had known that poll numbers were NOT moving and needed new angles to remind viewers of their credibility.  With John McCain’s passing, the man the media tarnished in a most vile way in favor of Barack Obama, is now a media darling only because of the spat between him and Trump. And the new outrage has to do with the flag over the White House.  As much as the media wants to prop up John McCain, many more voters could care less.

There seems to be a pattern.  The media comes up with something, clutches their pearls, run a bunch of harrowing news about Trump, and then a few days later their outrage has not had the desired effect – mostly because the media’s outrage was unfounded once the real facts came out.

The double digit down ballot polls that the media was touting at the beginning of the year are hardly mentioned now that the numbers are close to the margin of error – the same range just before the election in November.  Look how that turned out.

In some ways, there is enough evidence to show the statisticians behind public polls are using questionable practices.  Hard data is important, but data generated by statistics has problems.  When I’ve disconnected from the media frenzy of Trump Derangement Syndrome and interact with my fellow human beings, you’d never know the media created disaster of Trump.

Instead, you will see people who are focusing on the future with new opportunities.  And it’s not just those of my generation.  Young people out of college and those in their 30’s are experiencing opportunities they did not see under Obama.  When asked why they feel so confident, many will say it’s because of Trump.  The more die-hard-can’t-let-go-of-Obama crowd say that Trump inherited a growing economy – only to be laughed at when their beliefs are shattered by facts such as “Dude, you were complaining there were good paying jobs during Obama!”

Gotta love short memories.


1 thought on “About that “Trump’s worst week” thing..

  1. The Fall semester will start soon, and I’ll be able to gauge “young people’s” attitudes. Also, I’ll have fairly large numbers of African-American students. Two years ago such students tipped me off to Clinton’s troubles. There was not the enthusiasm that Obama had enjoyed. One Black female about 30 years old said in class, “Black women don’t like Hillary.” That presaged the low turnout in Detroit *plus* the fact that 8% of Detroit voters didn’t vote for anyone for President. Usually that’s less than 2%.

    We’ll see. I’ll report when I have something.

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