Busy Week


Thanks Trump!

While social media snowflakes and the “mainstream media” continue their wailing resistance against the president, I traveled for business to Plano, Texas.  I must say, the left continues entrenching themselves in Trump Derangement Syndrome.

During the flight to Plano, I sat next to an executive for a company that machines parts for various types of equipment.  He was traveling to Texas for a meeting with two potential companies for help in expanding capacity.  Listening to him for about 15 minutes as he explained the challenges ahead, he was not at all consumed with stress, rather, he seemed excited about the prospects of the future.

Naturally, he asked what I did.  The conversation then turned into what could I do for him as he explained the litany of issues with automation his company needed to solve.  Let’s just say there is a business relationship to be signed in the near future.

As we continued to discuss our future relationship, I had asked him what had changed.  The man’s eyes lit up and he said one word: “Trump.”  For the next half hour, I listened to him share how the tax cuts and trade tariffs had radically altered the landscape. His comment to me was, “I good with Trump’s crumbs. Pelosi and Obama crumbs, not so much.”

A few other people surrounding us heard us talking about Trump and chimed in.  The general consensus is that Trump is the right person at the right time to get the country going in the right direction.  One person, a young sales woman who went to a liberal college, countered that Obama had actually righted the ship.  The response was met with audible laughter.  An older gentleman said the only thing Obama gave us were higher insurance deductibles and 40 new gender pronouns.

To her credit, she sat and listened to us more worldly experienced as we shared with her our different perspectives.  Five of the people in the conversation were either business managers or executives. Two were in sales in addition to the young liberal woman.  One of the sales guys pulled out a company iPad and shared numbers that were astounding.  After we deplaned, the young sales woman who started off as an Obama disciple had more to grapple with. She may be a liberal but we punched a hole in that armor.

I wondered if these kinds of conversations were happening in planes, restaurants and hotels across the country.  There is a lot more going on than meets the eye and you would never know it listening to the media.  Instead, all we hear about are viral videos of ICE doing their job to the chagrin of liberals and how offended the media is for being called out not doing theirs.

The overriding concern for me was to remind everyone that voting is important.  When I shared that the Ohio district a couple of weeks ago had almost 80% Democrat turnout compared to only 40% Republican, I pressed the importance they make the time to keep the momentum going.  Obviously, the establishment candidates need to be removed and replaced by pro-business, limited government prospects who will push the agenda forward.

And while the left continues to call it the Trump agenda, from my perspective, that agenda should be the agenda of all Americans – let the power of the American people become unleashed from the chains of liberal government bondage.  Trump has his vision for America.  Mine just happens to be very similar as it is with many others.

1 thought on “Busy Week

  1. I’ve been having those conversations, too.

    At lunch, at seminars, at Rotary, at church, at the gun club. The young lefties are really having a hard time denying the reality of the avalanche of “crumbs.”

    And I’ve taken to looking for “trainable” rather than “experienced”, when hiring. Getting a butt in the seat, and spending six months training them, is MUCH MORE profitable than having a position open for a year!

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