What happened to the pets???


Our friend Bill Schmalfeldt, aka Bill Mathews, doesn’t have an answer.

After Schmalfeldt left Maryland for Wisconsin, he left the dogs behind for his stepson.  Or did he?

When he went to Iowa, he acquired two more pets, but their disposition remains unknown.  He only lived in Iowa for three months before abandoning them.

He ended up in South Carolina with the love of his life (#4) and she owned a very expensive cat named Onyx.  The cat had a propensity to walk over Schmalfeldt after it pooped.  Schmalfeldt and Diane Kelly had been living in extended stay hotels while he was Chief Pro Se Prosecutor for his failed LOLSuit VIII.

Then came Monty.  Monty even has a Twitter account, but Monty has disappeared.

Now, Schmalfeldt lives in Guymon Oklahoma and now owns two more kittens and both are subjected to torture by being forced to sit in Schmalfeldt’s office chair reeking of human feces.  I wonder if the ASPCA knows about Mathews and his fiance?

#WheresMonty #WheresOnyx

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