When the socialist lies.


Bernie Sanders is at it again.

Actually, they didn’t.

This is another example of a socialist lying to people because of his ideology.  He misrepresents the costs by saying the projected numbers show that by saying healthcare costs would be cheaper under government control.  In fact, it will probably be much worse as historical numbers have shown that government controlled programs often cost far more to implement than projected.  See Obamacare.

Without ANY evidence to back up these savings, he declares the government program a success and wants to thank the Koch Brothers, the same people he vilified for years for making his case.


In case anyone wants historical numbers, socialism has failed repeatedly over the years and millions of people have died.  Sanders is no better than the prior figures of the past. During his tenure as a “devoted” socialist, he’s amassed enough wealth to become the 1% of a capitalist society he says harms people.  He forgets that the same ideology he represents has led to the most deaths of humanity since the beginning of the 20th century.

I remember when Bernie Sanders grilled Alan Greenspan in a hearing about how the Federal Reserve’s policies did little to affect the social and political issues facing Americans. It was an interesting argument because most of what he railed against was actually a legislative responsibility, not the responsibility of the Federal Reserve.

This is the elected representative of the people of Vermont.  He is as uninformed about history as he is about facts. He has enriched himself with his political power, while his wife nearly bankrupted a private university, saddling it with excessive debt due to poor management.

And these are the people who want to take your medical care decisions away from you because they think they can save you money based on predicting the future?



6 thoughts on “When the socialist lies.

  1. “poor management” is a nice way of saying Jane Sanders lied shamelessly about how much money was pledged to pay the loan to purchase the expansion property.

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    • “poor management” was used in reference to an article I had read from a liberal rag claiming the problem was not a direct result of anything she did which everyone knows is lie. She knew exactly what she was doing and was given a pass because she is “Bernie Sander’s wife”.

      If this were a Republican senator’s wife, the calls for a criminal prosecution would be all over the news and the media would be dedicating hours to liberal congress critters calling for hearings. I mean, Brett Kavanaugh’s wife is having her email scrubbed for social justice violations which has nothing to do with his nomination.

      The NY Times wants to tell Trump not to call them “enemy of the people” but how do they reconcile their request for emails of the wife of a nominee that only include key words related to social justice?

      I honestly believe the media believes the average middle class voter is stupid. I would wager the media is making the same mistakes in 2016 in giving Democrats false hope.

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  2. Bernie Sanders isnt ignorant of the results of socialism. He loves the idea of sending people to prison camps, of seeing rural Americans starve after the People’s Battalions confiscate all their “hoarded food” — including seed corn and breeding stock.

    Socialists aren’t misinformed or ignorant. They’re evil.

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