Liberals long week.


Yeah, this is going to work as well as all their other plans.

This past week, the spotlight on the “children of the border” has seen the liberals and media renew their attacks on President Trump for things he promised on the campaign trail.  Included in his platform was enforcement of the rule of law, even if those laws were enacted by previous administrations.  The voters, whether the liberals like it or not, chose to put him the highest office to address issues they talk about that are completely ignored by the elite.  Rule of law is one of those principles.

When Former President Obama won re-election in 2012, he “evolved’ to a far more progressive position and wrapped himself in the flag of Social Justice.   His desire, like many of the left, was to use his office and the government to force changes to our cultural norms, even if it meant individual rights were trampled.

Citizens of the Christian faith saw the government blowing apart the constitutional pillars of religious freedoms.  Bakers, photographers, or others who have a business and are guided by their faith have come under attack when they have refused to serve customers who violate those beliefs and principles.

In each of these high profile cases, it’s not as if the business owner did not want the offended customer’s patronage; rather, it was that the business owner did not want to offer “certain” services they believed would compromise their faith.

The left’s position is that if you go to a business, you should have full access to their services REGARDLESS of the owner’s principles.  And if not, you should be forced to violate those principles or have your business fined and possibly shut down.  Of course, the Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of a business owner by a sizable majority that local governments can just destroy rights bestowed by God and protected in the Constitution because some liberal snowflakes feel offended.

In response, Liberals have abandoned that position and decided to cheer business establishments that will not serve public officials who are opposite their political views.  Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant simply for doing her job.  The reason?  The owner expressed it was her “moral duty.”

The owner’s morals are based on leftist viewpoints within the media, not a real sense of decency. Over the past week, more and more facts have come to light to break the left’s narrative that Trump’s administration is heartless and cruel – not that the owner, the media, nor the left would pay attention.

The owner, I’m sure, has never been to the border or participated in official border activities.  She is only being driven by media hyperbole and outrage and decided to go against the established liberal principle that all businesses must provide ALL services to any member of the public.

The left, though, openly cheered.  Why? Because they have no principles, duh!

Part of Trump’s appeal has been his attacks on the media, and justifiably so.  I’m never in favor of any President who attacks the press, but it’s hard to argue his position when the media’s bias is not hidden.  In fact, many reporters are of the incorrect belief that they have an obligation to filter the news through their leftist moral lenses.  When Obama attacked Fox News, and regularly, he never pointed out it’s inaccuracy – he just didn’t like the coverage.

Under Trump, the media trips over themselves reporting ANYTHING that puts his administration in a bad light. Anonymous sources, which are often Democrats in Congress, their staffers, or leftist operatives, have said things that were either untrue or just general speculation and reported as factual.  News outlets are relegating their corrections deep in their publications so as not to draw any notice they are just bad at their jobs.

So it’s no surprise that the media’s recent attacks on Trump for North Korea have resulted in no drop in his approval rating.  The illegal immigration fauxrage to push Trump as a symbol of disdain for human rights is countered by the fact that Trump wants Congress to do ITS job, which many voters have heard the legislators say it needs to do while they are campaigning, but legislation ends up tied up in the “process.”

What’s a liberal to do?  The answer happens to be turn Trump into Hitler.  Not only did the left cross that line, they did so like an Olympic long jumper.  They’ve entered perilous territory because they can’t escape historical conundrums – that it was Clinton who passed the immigration laws, GW Bush continued to enforce and enhance, and with the left’s blessing – or willful ignorance – Obama opened the cages and escorted the children inside.

Even worse, the Democrats have chosen to block any meaningful attempt at legislation to make a fix so as to deny Trump any scintilla of credit.  This flies in the face of Schumer’s claim the Republican’s are obstructionists, especially when you consider that under the left’s portrayal of the current crisis, according the liberal senators Kirsten Gillebrand and Kamala Harris, the laws being enforced that Bill Clinton signed into law are violating human rights!  You would think they would want to fix this historical black eye.  Where are Rachel Maddow’s tears shed these people?

Instead, the left has chosen to minimize and demean the history of the holocaust for political motives.  I have been to the concentration camps during the time I lived in Europe. It is not hard at all to feel the eerie presence of the many tortured souls haunting these places of despicable human depravity.  It’s as almost as if they don’t understand history and how their actions will create another one, though this one will come from their ranks.

Is one of the characteristics of being a liberal to be ignorant of history and rational thought? /rhetorical question


3 thoughts on “Liberals long week.

  1. It stuns me that people are so biased that they can’t do a bit of research to figure out that the policies in place today have been in place since 1996.

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    • Research? Research? They don’t need no stinking research. They learned everything they know about history by reading the leftist textbooks in high school and college.
      Me, I haven’t actually the written word for decades, except Scripture — and that does not include any one person’s interpretations thereof.

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