There is stupid..


And there are liberals. Which one is worse?

I didn’t realize the Commander-In-Chief required anyone’s approval to make changes to military exercises.

And even if he did, it’s just joint exercises and not a strategic military change.

But, you know Obama convinced Iran to get rid of it’s nukes and got paid a few billion dollars in cash.. wait..


10 thoughts on “There is stupid..

  1. And here I thought the department of defense answered to the civilians? Huh. This liberal proves it again: he couldn’t run a lemonade stand without misunderstanding the point or the purpose!

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  2. Maybe Axelrod would like to enlighten us as to who ordered a stand down of Marine reaction forces for the Benghazi consulate on Sept 11, 2012 since he is such a F’ing expert on consultation with the military chain of command.

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  3. Well, Axelrod is so used to running everything by Valerie Jarrett that by force of habit he just assumes the President would be deferring all decision-making to somebody. I’m a little surprised he thinks that would be Mattis, though.

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