13 thoughts on “Gentle Reminder..

  1. You got a Doom Clock staring you right in the face. Pressure. Impending doom (hence the clock). So many others have faced similar clocks over the years…. And yet. And yet, you persist. Just like She Persisted. But not well enough to get beaten like a personage with a garishly red-purple dye job more suitable for a teen goth girl.

    SC, you must have ice in your veins. Please go buy a model rocket so we can all acknowledge you as a steely-eyed missle man too. I’m in awe.

    The suspense has me in suspense. I’ll be tuning in. Peace out you righteous dude you.

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  2. What makes him think that he’s going to sue anyone successfully *this* time? It’s as if he became a goose, and wakes up in a new universe every morning! Dooooom clock! That’s never been done before!

    Laptop, home, because it’s Memorial Day.

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  3. Billy now sez:

    “Marvin J. Rodriguez of Peoria, AZ, owner of MJROD Business Consulting Services, seems to think he has to respond to some sort of ultimatum I’ve apparently set down.

    He needn’t bother.

    The clock ran out as soon as he posted that he wasn’t going to apologize for saying that I am faking having Parkinson’s disease.

    I’ve already decided what (if anything) I’m going to do and when (if ever) I am going to do it.”

    Well, I guess that’s that then. There’s nothing you can say that–

    “Short of an abject apology and a retraction of his defamatory, libelous postings, there is nothing more he can do about it.”

    Wait, what?

    “Except to wait.

    So, Marvin J. Rodriguez of Peoria, AZ, owner of MJROD Business Consulting Services should save his pixels.”

    So…there’s no point in responding because his mind is made up and nothing can change it, unless you post something.

    You know, if he goes to court and says “I have Parkinson’s related dementia!” and shows just a week’s worth of his tweets he may make a convincing case.

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    • plus the blog post he made years ago pretty much stating the onset of Parkinson’s related dementia…

      and as we all know , that dont get no better…at least until he actually has to take care of his own ass after his captive nurse escapes.

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