Juvenile objectification?

The purpose of the Rule 5 posts are to celebrate the beauty of the female sex. It’s not objectifying to show pictures of women who pose this way.

It is objectifying when you refer to women in derogatory terms. Schmalfeldt has an extensive record of demeaning women especially the significant others of those who oppose him. Respect for women is a characteristic lacking in his being. It shows by the number of restraining orders he’s received from women.

It’s also juvenile to refer to women in derogatory terms. I surmise it has to do with the fact he is threatened by women who are smarter than him, which is probably 99% of the female species.  Could be higher.


9 thoughts on “Ummm

  1. As a female of the heterosexual variety, I enjoy your Rule 5 posts. They are beautiful women. They were paid well for those photographs. Nothing degrading or mysogynistic about them at all. If you can’t appreciate the more beautiful members of the species, then what the hell is the point of this life?

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  2. A general observation:
    Before his “love of his life” passed away he continually overshared missing the toilet, peeing his pants, shitting his pants, etc’ etc….. She was having to clean up after him, but since he has to clean up after himself we have heard nothing. hmmmmm

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  3. It’s just his usual camouflage. “Look at me1 I’m a good liberal because I chant the ritual phrases of the tribe!”
    He doesn’t mean a bit of it. He affects Sensitive like he affects PD. nothing more than a stick to beat others with. We used to see the schtick when tried use the Good Christian stick on people and then was obviously an atheist the very next day.
    Pretty sure there is nothing in his universe but him.

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