Trump continues to defy the liberals.


Liberals continue to struggle.

It now appears that liberals putting their money on Stormy Daniels removing Trump from office has failed. It’s not like those of us who understand Trump tried to explain it to the hard of hearing liberal snowflakes. Daniel’s attorney Michael Avenatti took the limelight on himself and attempted to use his new-found fame in an effort to help liberals remove Trump from office.

Avenatti is featured prominently on CNN and MSNBC.  He commented on a breaking story from NBC News that Cohen and Trump’s phone conversations had been intercepted by FBI wiretaps.  Taking the opportunity to boost his prestige, he went further claiming there is damning evidence in those transcripts.

As it turns out, not only was NBC News wrong but Avenatti is an idiot.  Other reporters started looking into the porn star lawyer and discovered he owed back taxes, did not pay employees, and was nothing more than an opportunist.  Stormy Daniels may have slept with Trump, but she is being used like a cheap.. porn star.. (ahem).. for Avenatti’s new found fame.  Except he has a closet full of skeletons and he’s willing to go full Team Kimberlin in threatening anyone who looks into his past.  Does the phrase “Crash and burn” mean anything?


Meanwhile, Trump continues to build momentum towards the mid-terms.  The liberal media’s new tactic is taking comments made by the president out of context.  Trump’s comments to a California sheriff regarding MS-13 gang members was edited down to say he was calling all immigrants animals.  After being called out for worse than tabloid journalism, the media had no choice but to reluctantly retract their stories.  NBC’s Andrea Mitchell tried to save face but looked foolish.

Speaking of retracting stories, the New York Times has been struggling to be better than graduates of the ACME College’s Bill Schmalfeldt School of Journalism.  In particular, the Times portrayed an FBI spy in the Trump campaign as someone who was gathering information as if changing the terminology makes the narrative less favorable to Trump.  It doesn’t.

If the Obama administration “colluded” with the Justice Department and the FBI in an elaborate scheme to hobble the Trump administration, then Obama officials believed Trump might win.  It makes sense when you consider that Obama was pulled in to campaign for Clinton as the campaign wound to a close.  Setting the Justice Department on a road to spy on an opposing campaign of their preferred candidate should be seen as more of attack on democracy that a few hundred memes by rogue Russians posted on Facebook.

The Times, Post, and other outlets are covering this very gingerly.  There are timelines of acts by key personnel that highly suggest political manipulation.  And if it turns out the Obama administration had knowledge and even approved this operation, it reinforces that the democrats care about power and are willing to destroy American institutions to keep it.

I wonder if Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would throw Obama under the bus if this collusion is proven?

Update: Trump believes there is meat here.



2 thoughts on “Trump continues to defy the liberals.

  1. I think the Dems and Deep State Republicans will know that Monday May 21, 2018 was the beginning of the end for them. The citizens of this nation place enormous power in the hands of our elected leaders and politicians. We expect this power will be used appropriately & respectfully and limited by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. However, it is apparent that many of those we send to Washington see no limits to their power and when that power is threatened will go to any lengths to keep it. I believe the illegal actions that were taken by hundreds of officials and that are finally being brought into the light will divide this nation for decades. Democratic pollster Mark Penn penned a column predicting what is coming and what should be coming. Give it a read:

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