Trump Continues to Roll


Liberals may go into despair.

Obama’s legacy continues to disappear at a record pace.  Trump’s decision to pull the United States from the Iran Deal brought former President Obama out of the woodwork to express his disappointment.  Other former Obama admin officials declared the world was in turmoil. The funniest responses were by Democrats who hated the agreement back in 2015.

Oil prices and the dollar moved higher.  The stock market followed with its own rally.  People are making money on the expected energy wave.  Except for George Soros, who is busy seeking to buy state attorney’s general elections which doesn’t appear to worry the Justice Department.

Last week, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team had to steer across choppy waters.  District Judge TS Ellis, looking to clarify the breadth of Rosenstein’s memo, shared his irritation of how the Justice Department is working to squeeze Manafort.  Ellis even alleged the DOJ of masking its true motive to get Trump.

Instead of ruling, he sought the unredacted Rosenstein memorandum to decide if Rosenstein had reason to broaden the investigation from the original May authority.  There is speculation the redacted parts include references to the Steele Dossier.
If correct, President Trump declaration of a “witch hunt” is now a fact.  This may reveal why no legislation has moved forward to protect the Special Counsel.

Several weeks ago, I met a liberal friend who also is a Trump supporter.  He speculates that Republicans refusal to bring forth a vote on the Special Counsel protection measure is that they know it’s a political farce.  If the president fires Mueller, then Trump is responsible.  If they try to protect Mueller, Republicans risk alienating voters.

If nothing happens, and the investigation ends, Republicans can claim there was no reason to intervene. Republican leaders in Congress are keen on not jumping the gun, especially if it might upset the press.

His foresight may prove correct.  Mueller’s indictments against thirteen individuals and a few businesses from Russia may have been a public relations blunder.  The Special Counsel didn’t count on a US law firm that might show up.

One defendant, Concord Management, wishes to answer the charges and move to discovery.  Special counsel lawyers caught off guard raced to introduced a motion to delay arraignment on the basis there is no evidence that the company was served, an exceptionally weak legal argument.  The judge denied the motion.

Some legal experts assert that Mueller has screwed the proverbial pooch in the presumption that foreign defendants would not show up. This meant investigators would not have to reveal the evidence for a bad indictment.  Looks like Mueller will be compelled to reveal his cards and that could prove devastating.

There are some in the legal community who claim Mueller is dirty.  They point to several occasions where he failed as a prosecutor with some believing there is past prosecutorial misconduct. Under the current authority Mueller has not produced a single charge that applies to actual collusion or unlawful activity within the Trump campaign.

While all this is taking place, Trump has obliterated ISIS; brought North Korea to peace talks including release of American prisoners; saw unemployment fall below four percent; and for the month of April the budget has a surplus of over $200 billion, up 14 percent from the previous year.

There are also many other accomplishments such as reduced regulation, a rise in small business start-ups, increased pace of business investment, and a significant reduction in food stamps enrollment.

But, the leftist media focused on the Michael Avennati’s revelations that Michael Cohen received payments from a US company where one investor is a Russian Oligarch.  This is the same attorney who claimed wiretaps of phone calls between Trump and Cohen recorded by the FBI have incriminating evidence.  The FBI never recorded any phone calls.

New York’s disgraced former Attorney General Eric Schneidernam spent years abusing women. While the revelations were a bombshell, #MeToo Democrats outrage went missing. California Representative Tony Cardenas is accused of molesting a 16-year-old girl. Nancy Pelosi recommended him to the ethics committee despite her outrage for Roy Moore’s similar accusations. Nancy Pelosi also declares that if Democrats win Congress, they will overturn President Trump’s pro-growth policies. Oh, and they will raise your taxes.

Is it any wonder why the latest down ballot polls reveal a statistical dead heat?

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