Dear Lord!


Seriously, at least try to mask your racial animus.


In case he memory holes it, here is the pic..

Schmalfeldt is a confirmed George Wallace Democrat.


13 thoughts on “Dear Lord!

  1. This is why the parkinsons faking valor stealing racist shitbag also known as William Schmalfeldt needs to never be able to run away from his past and present actions. I know most of us use duckduckgo or other alternates to google but for some reason a plain google search has been sanitized. There is still a few things here and there but it doesn’t show his true depravity.

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    • Just did this Google search of ‘Bill Schmalfeldt’ and got several results that show its depravity. Included are:

      True Threats, True Incitement, Or Truly Crazy? The Rhetoric of Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt

      Bill Schmalfeldt: The Stranger Who Harassed My Family | Lee Stranahan

      Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt Is Still Deranged and, Yes, Cyberstalking

      Meet Bill Schmalfeldt | Knot My Wisconsin

      BILLY SEZ – Adventures in Bill Schmalfeldt’s Pretendy Land Internet Courtroom. All Rise!

      And that’s just the first page.

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  2. PS- Trump’s message, while not perfect, is light years closer to an america I want to see: a hard working integrated nation of personal accountability where the laws are applied equally to everyone legally allowed to be here.

    Just because that message only resonates within a minority of a minority doesn’t make it “racist” (the go-to label of the left when someone says something they don’t like).

    Your graphic, on the other hand…

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  3. Bill gets mad every time a POC leaves his plantation. What a fucking racist. Why do black people become ‘obnoxious’ just because they don’t agree with your seriously misguided political thought Bill? Do you still think they should be lynched for disagreeing with Massa Bill?

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