Monday’s are Fun Days!


The last couple of Monday’s has liberals peeing their pants like a Christopher Steele dossier!

Last Monday, President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen had his offices and hotel raided by FBI agents.  Early reports from media declared the raid was part of Robert Mueller’s investigation.  Turns out, the New York district attorney has an open criminal investigation.  Mueller reportedly sent documents gathered in his investigation to the DA’s office in New York.

As the week drew to a close, many challenged the legality of the raid.  Some lawyers proffer the warrant was overly broad.  Cohen’s attorney filed motions to block review of the seized documents and allow Cohen and his legal team to exclude items for review to keep at least one of his clients anonymous.

Trump’s lawyers filed a late petition to prevent the DA’s office from reviewing the seized materials.  Trump’s concern is to make sure his private communications do not end up in the hands of the press.  Mueller’s investigation has an issue of disclosing confidential information. Trump’s lawyers want to remove unrelated privileged materials.

Today, District Judge Kimba Wood rejected Trump’s motion and forced Cohen to reveal an anonymous client.  The client is Fox News host Sean Hannity.


The media gasped.  Leftists became giddy. Evidence for a conspiracy is now established!  Hannity’s DAYS ARE NUMBERED!!!

Hannity is an impassioned defender of President Trump. The left hates him. The success of his show, which succeeded The O’Reilly Factor as the top-rated cable program, has been the object of attacks by the left with little effect.

Hannity tweeted earlier in the day that Cohen never represented him and any consultations were about real estate.  He further states Cohen was never paid.  During the previous week, he has insisted that the raids against Cohen are unlawful.

Liberals blew up the “Twitterz” proclaiming that without paid representation, attorney/client privilege does not apply. I am not a lawyer, but I have read that a number of lawyers scoff at this contention.

Even if no formal agreement is in place, or a lawyer offers any of his services pro bono, it doesn’t mean privilege does not exist.  Ultimately, the court will determine whether Cohen can assert privilege and if Hannity’s involvement is immaterial.

While the revelation is fodder for liberals, they may not reach their desired end. Hannity analyzed Comey’s interview during the early segment in his program.  In the roundtable discussion, Alan Dershowitz called out Hannity for not revealing his relationship with Cohen. Hannity brushed Dershowitz aside saying he had a legal right to privacy. Hannity responded to the media circus at the end of his show.

The revelation, while troubling, may prove Hannity’s relation with Cohen as immaterial. It doesn’t mean Cohen’s rights were not infringed by the warrant’s overreach.  In the interim, Fox News has not remarked on Hannity’s transparency failure. Ironically, CNN’s Brian Stelter is basking in the moment.

What is not in dispute? The Russian collusion investigation has nothing on Trump.  The media, its leftist conspirators, and the Never Trumpers have placed their chances that Cohen will be his downfall. I’m nearly positive they’ll be disheartened, yet again.


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