About that “Russian Collusion”


Robert Mueller’s investigation has turned to Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

Earlier today, the FBI raided the offices of President Trump’s personal attorney,  Michael Cohen. According to media accounts, Mueller’s team is investigating a $130,000 hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

Speculation is officials are looking to see if the payment violated election law.  How this relates to the actual Russian collusion is anyone’s guess.

The President said during his open meeting they found nothing.  CNN’s Senior Fake News White House correspondent quotes sources saying that agents took documents of communications between Trump and Cohen.

The investigation has decidedly become political. Mueller has pushed the boundaries of a limitless mandate to go anywhere he pleases.  The longer this goes on, the more it reveals he just wants a conviction.

Mueller has only produced indictments and charges unrelated to collusion. Manafort and Gates alleged money laundering activities date back to before the campaign. Flynn’s and Papadopoulos’s crimes are unrelated to election influencing.

While it’s true the Special Counsel has indicted some foreign agents, not a single one is related to Trump’s campaign.

Even if Mueller’s investigation ends in clearing Trump, the damage it’s causing is extensive and getting worse by the day. Liberals continue to hope that Mueller will get the President on “something”.

Imagine a political block that wants to remove the legally elected leader because they don’t like him or her.  Consider what happens if they succeed.  No longer does the voices of the voter’s matter. The elite now controls the choice of leaders despite its citizen’s wishes. What could go wrong?

Democrats lost the election because they believed they had the most qualified candidate for the highest office. The voters chose a different path.  Liberals still hurt that Merrick Garland’s installation as a supreme court justice failed. Trump’s removal would be sweet revenge.

They’re creating the rules to remove someone from the highest elected office in the land.  Be careful what you wish for.


2 thoughts on “About that “Russian Collusion”

  1. They tried the same tactic against John Edwards, saying that money paid to protect his reputation was an in-kind donation because Edwards’ family man rep was important to his brand. The jury told them to pound sand.
    Did anyone who voted for Trump care if he banged a porn star?

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    • More importantly, does anyone who voted for Trump give two flying figs that he allegedly banged a pornstar over a decade ago?

      As someone who first newly voted for Trump, I can say with all honesty, I don’t care if he did.

      What really grinds my gears in this whole situation, is the same people who did not give a damn that the then sitting president Clinton, was banging an intern, in the Oval Office , are the same people clutching their pearls over the allegation that the now sitting president might have banged a pornstar over a decade ago.

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