Brett Kimberlin apologist and liberal meninist Matt Osborne is afraid of a strong woman. I bet she wouldn’t need the gun to make an example out of him.

What would you expect from the coward Osborne, the man who ran to the backwoods to avoid standing up for his libelous reporting against John Hoge?

7 thoughts on “Heh.

  1. She seems like a fairly intelligent & beautiful young lady who refuses to become a victim. I’m not certain, but her chosen attire may be the popular woman’s clothing line made specifically for concealed carry called Alexo Athletica.

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  2. I was going to point out that Matt should go back to judging child porn and leave the adults to their discussions but the cowardly fuck has me blocked. Guess he can’t stand the truth being told.

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  3. I’m sure KDSN Radio will be THRILLED to know they hired a misogynist who calls an accomplished woman a “dick eater” simply because he disagrees with her political views. Views, I’m sure, held by a vast majority of KDNS’s listeners.

    We should be like Bill and start an ‘evidence’ binder so his employers know what kind of employment attorney to hire when it’s time.

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