Fighting for Climate Change is now a defense.


Apparently, bad science is enough for people to break the law and get away with it.

Criminal charges against protesters for trespassing amid protests against a fracking pipeline in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, were converted to civil infractions by Judge Mary Ann Driscoll on a motion from prosecutors.  The state motioned to make the conversion stating that even if the defendants were found guilty, they would not ask for further punishment.

In downgrading to a single civil charge, the judge found them not responsible as their actions were of “legal necessity to combat climate change.” One of the defendants was Al Gore’s daughter, Karenna.  Al Gore is a staunch advocate that man made climate change will cause irreparable harm to the planet unless developed nations convert to green energy where Gore is heavily invested.

The question of whether the climate change would have been postponed due to the criminal actions of the protesters was not determined.  Instead, a jurist made a determination that the protests actions had a important responsibility

You don’t suppose that if it Al Gore’s daughter was not a participant that the results might have been different?  Seems odd that not only did the prosecution choose to downgrade, but that the judge accepted it, and then found the defendants not responsible because they were trying to stop climate change, as if they had such powers.


2 thoughts on “Fighting for Climate Change is now a defense.

  1. I fully expect the necessity defense to be challenged as soon as a prolifers get arrested for trespass and disorderly conduct for physically blocking the door to an abortion clinic.

    At least in that case they can honestly say they did so to prevent the loss of life.

    Somehow I doubt it’ll fly in that case however….
    liberal judges are nothing if not inconsistant in their rulings depending on who the defendant is…

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